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1975 guide to natural food restaurants

Rubaiyat, Little Red House, Future Food, Prophet, Orango's Jay's Cafe, Gatekeeper, Rocco's, Shepherd, Homestead, Sunseed, Harmony, Daily Bread

—You mean there’s an alternative to eating? Wow! Think of all the time we’d save if... —No. You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say there’s an alternative to eating meat and potatoes, ...

Community feeling, socializing, cozy ambiance of San Diego food co-ops.

Solana Beach People's, O.B People's, Beach Area, Golden Hill, Linda Vista, SDSU stories

Some join for social reasons. They consider food-getting a community project. Some join for religious reasons. They believe in good health through good food. Many join for economic reasons. They appreciate the low prices. They ...

To be Japanese in San Diego

Tea ceremony, tatami mats, but most important, tofu-making

With the popularity of Japanese food plus the fickleness of meat prices and supply, more and more San Diegans are taking to tofu. Tofu is taken for granted in Japan and fully appreciated only abroad, where it is not easily available.

Downtown's philosophical shoeshine man

Walter Clark – next to the Off Broadway Theater

Deep downtown Sn Diego, in a bootblack booth so tiny it disappears after closing, thrives the wit, wisdom, and wistfulness of Walter H. Clark. That's "Clark" spelled "Klark" on the blackboard. "I do it just ...