Fred Moramarco

Fred Moramarco

Fred (Federico) Moramarco was the author and editor of several books, including Containing Multitudes: Poetry in the U.S. since 1950; Men of Our Time, (an anthology of world poetry); and Deliciously Italian, a book about Italian cooking and cuisine. He was a poet, literary critic, professor of literature at San Diego State Universtiy, producer, director, and actor.

He was the founding editor of Poetry International, coproduced the award-winning Hannah and Martin at the Lyceum Theatre in 2006, and performed at the Old Globe, the San Diego Rep, Sledgehammer, Diversionary Theatre, and with other San Diego theater companies.

Moramarco died of cardiac arrest the evening before Valentine’s Day, 2012.

The author’s photo is by Paul Savage.

Articles by Fred Moramarco

Best Reader stories from 2003

P.B Rec Center, Marilyn Monroe, North County sex slaves, Christian cowboys, Mark Twain's daughter, Bataan Death March survivors

The white mask On Saturday, September 6, 1958, Marilyn Monroe and the 175-person company of Some Like It Hot arrived at the Hotel del Coronado to begin location shots, after filming in Hollywood the previous ...

Elegy for Kenneth Koch

d. July 6, 2002 It seems too crazy, like one of your mad, funny poems, that you’re not with us anymore, not here to point out the thisness of things, like mountains, circuses, and fresh ...

My Last Love

for Clarissa My last love leapt into my life like a trapeze artist, flying across the air, arms outstretched, reaching toward me and I caught her, giving the crowd a scare. I took her quickly ...

La Costa, Del Mar, Valley Center, Talmadge, Ramona, San Ysidro, Lemon Grove, City Heights, University City, Mission Beach, Julian, Carmel Valley, Scripps Ranch, East Lake, Linda Vista, Serra Mesa

At home in San Diego

Where I live, no major high-volume road cuts apart the 'hood. People can cross the street without becoming dead. The amoeba-shaped Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course and grid-busting canyons have made a rabbit warren of the streets.

Largely white Bankers Hill

Bankers Hill. The name has a regal sound to it. Bankers Hill has been called "Pill Hill" for its many doctors' offices and "Gill Hill" for Irving Gill, who built the historic residences that grace ...


I’ve watched a great many changes take place in Hillcrest over the years. At this point in my life it’s a neighborhood of ghosts. I’ve been through a few relationships there, and each had certain ...

SDSU prof asks, What do women want?

Sad victims of feminism

It's been nearly a century since Freud asked his famous question about the nature of female desire, and very few men that I know are any closer to an answer than Freud was. In the ...

Four-five glasses of Chardonnay in Point Loma and – a DUI

SDSU English professor Fred Moramarco tells his story

I’m at a party in Point Loma celebrating the successful conclusion of a literary event that took a great deal of time and effort to put together. Everyone involved is letting go after months of ...