Floyd Salas

Floyd Salas is an American fiction writer and boxer. His work is well known in the San Francisco Bay Area and among aficionados of Latino literature and 1960s-era protest literature. He won a 2013 lifetime achievement American Book Award.

Articles by Floyd Salas

Gentleness: Through the Looking Glass with Cross-Dressers

"Dan O'Brien. You're free to use that name, ” Dan said in my La Pensione hotel room in Little Italy. He sat in the chair as he talked and behind him the nighttime window view ...

The Ring Is an Altar on Which Man Wins

Glorious Boxing in TIjuana

The crowd’s roar sent my blood pressure pounding when, seated at ringside in the press section, I saw a giant green sombrero floating down the aisle, in the center of a group of moving heads. ...

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