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Best Reader stories from 1997

Dr. Spock, Scammon's Lagoon, Bruce Henderson, Ed Fletcher III, Andrew Cunanan, beekeepers, Del Mar Terrace Rats, Kumeyaay language

Childhood's End: Dr. Spock at 94 53-year-old Morgan, Dr. Spock’s second wife, has been relentless and inventive in her search for ways to keep her husband youthful and healthy. For his 75th birthday, for example, ...

Best Reader stories from 1996

San Diego mafia, Fotomat, Afghans, freeway driving, Korean War, Black's Beach, dolphins kill tuna fishing, Olaf Wieghorst, pigeon racing, diary of orange grove

Mafia in San Diego before World War II (first in series of six stories) “The raids, all made with search warrants, started soon after noon and were not completed until early evening. All of the ...

Douglas Whyknott and the Reader

SeaWorld, Palomar Observatory, beekeepers, tuna fishermen, California Current, Museum of Photographic Arts

Douglas Whyknott, who wrote for the Reader from 1995 throiugh 1998, is an 11th-generation Cape Codder. He played blues and jazz piano and formed the Whynott Boogie Trio after studying blues piano with Sammy Price, ...

It's hard to learn about dolphin training at SeaWorld.

It was the control ultimately that made me not want to be a part of it

When Hoffman tells us it’s time to get into our wet suits I think —Did she also tell me I’d be getting into a wet suit? When I mention this, her response is, well, neutral.

A night with the astronomer monks of Palomar Mountain

Magical dwarf's sad orbit

A phone call came in from Rick’s wife—she wanted to say goodnight. “My beautiful wife,” he said when he hung up, smiling. He had a job in astronomy, yes, but he’d sacrificed the goodnight kiss.

Behind scenes at San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts

Light lovers

1. The Vault If a photograph dies and goes to heaven, it might end up here in the breathable vault at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. The prospect for immortality is good, ...

San Diego beekeepers know all the flowering plants

The cumulative hiss of thousands of wings

There are about 30,000 beehives in San Diego County, and just now, Alan Mikolich and I are standing amid 140 of them. Mikolich is a commercial beekeeper, one of the dozen or so in San ...

Dolphins kill San Diego's tuna industry

Flipper victorious

Many of the older generation think that the dolphin activists “ruined a beautiful industry.” Some think it was a big mistake not to publicly and legally challenge Sam LaBudde and the Earth Island Institute.

Scripps scientists see cause for alarm in California Current

Rich sea stew

The blue whales and the soaring plankton bloom, along with the tapering off of water temperatures in the past four months, seemed to call into question the idea that life in the California Current might be diminishing.

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