Doug DuBrul

DuBrul wrote stories for the Reader from 2000 to 2005. According to an obituary published in Union-Tribune, Doug DuBrul, Jr., born July 23, 1956, passed away Oct. 6, 2012. There is a YouTube video taken by his sister of flower arranging for his celebration, Oct. 21, 2012.

Articles by Doug DuBrul

San Diego couples give robbing the cradle respectability

Think of The Graduate's Mrs. Robinson or Harold and Maude?

WHILE THE DEBATE OVER GAY MARRIAGE ROILS THE COUNTRY AND INTERRACIAL COUPLES continue to be stigmatized in many communities, the true frontier of romantic transgression can be found in relationships between people of vastly different ...

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Passion by the gigabyte

BOB | Age: 35 Q How did you meet your Internet date? A I met her when she responded to the ad that I placed on [email protected] She’s the only girl who responded to me. ...

San Diego couples endure dust-ups


I wish that instead of piling stuff, leaving piles around the house, she’d go through her piles now and then. She doesn’t take care of it. She just rearranges the stacks.

29 San Diego street biographies


"I love San Diego and the river here where we’re at. We get into the tides; we have a tide marker over there, and we keep it neat around here. The ranger actually let us hang out."