Deirdre Lickona

Like her husband Matt Lickona and Reader editor Ernie Grimm, and his wife Mary, Deirdre Lickona is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College.

Articles by Deirdre Lickona

Mission Hills – don't be fooled

Book lovers, architecture, Oakley Hall, Francis Parker, Five Points, South Mission Hills, Jerry Schad's view, the ultimate Halloween house

Book-lovers chew the fat at the Mission Hills Library His watch tells him 6:45. This Mission Hills branch stays open tonight — it’s Monday. He slaps the book closed, reshelves it, glances to his left. ...

San Diego Reader 2017 guide to holiday fun

Bar crawl, good causes, Tijuana, Legoland, Zoo, Seaworld, Liberty Station,

A holiday tourist in my own city Tree farms, Nativity scene, gondola and trolley rides, Christmas movies by the pool. By Siobhan Braun Why not a holiday bar crawl? Bike ride, Messiah sing-along, Santacon bar ...

Make holiday friends of enemies

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, global winter, Baptist concert, Korea’s finest snow ice machine, the Coaster's Christmas ride

This year, the Lickona family is keeping to its Christmas traditions at home: the ancient carols, the crèche, the Christmas lights wrapped around the cactus in the front yard, the works. But also this year, ...

The best part about being a bookstore owner

You buy a book new, and you have a new baby

Name: JUSTINE EPSTEIN Age: 31 Occupation: OWNER, VERBATIM BOOKS Neighborhood: SHERMAN HEIGHTS Where interviewed:: VERBATIM BOOKS What are you reading? “Some Ross MacDonald short stories about the private eye Lew Archer. They’re kind of noirish. ...

San Diego Reader 2017 Fun issue

Eagle Mining, Bike the Bay, USS Midway, Lucha Libre

Climb the California Tower in Balboa Park Balboa Park’s California Tower at the San Diego Museum of Man was closed to the public in 1935, but after extensive construction and safety renovations it reopened for ...

San Diego Reader 2016 guide to Holiday Fun

Santa run, holiday roasts, parades of lights, holiday vespers

I read somewhere that the reason you’re sad around Christmastime is because it’s a reminder of what you’ve lost since childhood: the belief that the world is a magical place that is interested in your ...

Beyond selfie curation

I’m always amazed at those tablet commercials that show children creating wonderful art on their digital devices. If my kids get near a glowing screen, it doesn’t matter what apps are available; they instantly switch ...

San Diego Reader 2015 Fun issue

Adobe Falls, Loma Club, Collier Park, La Mesa secret stairs, snorkel with sharks, Oasis Camel Dairy, tunnel skating in Playas

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