Deborah Harding Allbritain

Deborah Harding Allbritain
Deborah Allbritain’s poems have appeared in Stand Up Poetry, The Unmade Bed, In the Palm of Your Hand, The Antioch Review, Autism Digest, and many other journals and anthologies. She works as a speech pathologist for the Poway Unified School District, where she specializes in students with autism spectrum disorder.

Articles by Deborah Harding Allbritain

Baseball in the Living Room

Through the yellow roses on the coffee table I peer at the ball game, tired of Whitman, tired of wanting to be great. “Holy cow,” roars the announcer, “walk him walk him,” Dad hollers, my ...

The Numbers

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning I pick up Joe from the autism class, walk him down the school hallway, his little starfish hand wriggling in mine, as he counts the numbered doors — Ten, nine, ...

Let’s Be Friends

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