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A slow dirge for Steve and Susan

San Diego couple's Baja tragedy

Sherry Richardson wanted a change in her life, wanted to get away from the States for a while. She had a woman friend in Mexico she could stay with as long as she wanted, so ...

Hammers in the morning

Scott Thile, San Diego's master piano tuner

There was once a fine old Sohmer grand piano that fell asleep inside a church — the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Oceanside. For many years, the church pianist and the 1917-vintage Sohmer grand had created ...

One Woman, One Man, No Baby

An abortion story

“I can’t afford to buy a bed and pay for an abortion too.” “Hey!” Her voice rose in pitch, tightening. “I never said I’d have an abortion.”

One Step Ahead of the Devil

Tim Joe Key - San Diego's version of a Tarahumara runner

When he and his father talked after that, T.J. said. “I wouldn’t mind going to college. I wonder if you would help?” “My father never helped me go to college,” his father replied.

Del Mar's horse vet Jack Jocoy has seen it all

A life at the races

On the pinto that he rode, he felt the beast’s physicality, its thickness through the barrel, feeling the strong uneven lope, a muscular ripple along the horse’s glistening croup and withers, the leather saddle against ...

Let’s Be Friends

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