David Rioux

David Rioux was a young writer from Rhode Island (and a student of Peter Griffin) who was invited by Judith Moore to write for the Reader. His stories in the print archives:

Articles by David Rioux

Best Reader stories from 1993

Mike Doyle, Tarawa, El Centro, Dahmer's Diner, Baja boom towns, Chinese refugees, Dale Akiki, San Diego tomatoes, Balboa Park violence, Mexican fighting bulls, Mother Teresa's TJ, Zeta

In time for the morning glass For a few years back in the '60s, Mike Doyle was the hottest surfer in the world. With an unusual combination of power on big waves and stylistic grace ...

A seeker walks with San Diego's homeless and gets hurt

Labyrinth of the Radiant City, Part 2

My thoughts drift to the squirrel woman. Where did she get those bruises? Where is she sleeping tonight? The other people. The little artist I met this morning, probably passing this night on El Cajon Boulevard.

Balboa Park – fewer rules than homeless shelters

Labyrinth of the Radiant City, Part 1

These people have been among us for centuries. They can be found, emerging from the coal mines of a Zola novel, reaping the season’s harvest in a Millet painting, in any number of works by Van Gogh.

Let’s Be Friends

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