David Rioux

David Rioux was a young writer from Rhode Island (and a student of Peter Griffin) who was invited by Judith Moore to write for the Reader. His stories in the print archives:

Articles by David Rioux

A seeker walks with San Diego's homeless and gets hurt

Labyrinth of the Radiant City, Part 2

My thoughts drift to the squirrel woman. Where did she get those bruises? Where is she sleeping tonight? The other people. The little artist I met this morning, probably passing this night on El Cajon Boulevard.

Balboa Park – fewer rules than homeless shelters

Labyrinth of the Radiant City, Part 1

These people have been among us for centuries. They can be found, emerging from the coal mines of a Zola novel, reaping the season’s harvest in a Millet painting, in any number of works by Van Gogh.