David Burge

The New York Times called him "one of America’s important pianists," and his concerts were described as "an overwhelming experience" (Washington Post). Author of Twentieth Century Piano Music, Burge was the former director of the piano department at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. In 1993, Burge moved to San Diego with his wife, Liliane Choney, and served as composer-in-residence for the San Diego Ballet. He died in April, 2013.

Articles by David Burge

The Forgotten War

Korean War vets surprised anyone wants to talk about it

“You know, when guys who were in Vietnam came back and got into some...well, some difficulty, everyone said it was the fault of the Vietnam War. But not Korea. Somehow it didn’t work that way.”

When the Soprano Hit the First High C It Just Blew My Head Off

San Diego composers Gillis, Bastien, Groupe, Reynolds, Sollberger, and Ward-Steinman

“I have always been interested in music.” says composer Ron Gillis, founder and artistic director of the San Diego Choral Artists. “As a kid I always walked around with tunes in my head. I thought ...

San Diego Grand

David Burge — one of America’s important pianists — enters local homes and businesses and tests pianos

I grew up in the Midwest during the Great Depression. As was the case with most families, we were poor, but there was, nevertheless, a small upright piano in our living room. There were upright ...