Dave Zielinski

Zielinski was a community college professor in the Imperial Valley who wrote for the Reader in the early 1990s.

Articles by Dave Zielinski

Blubbo's World

Reader writers and other friends remember Steve Esmedina.

Esmo’s phone manner was so hugger-mugger that I could be sitting four feet away and could not make out a single word. For all I could tell, he might have been laying fifty on a pony.

Friends Forever

Fellow student at Mesa College, writer-collaborator looks back.

Steve Esmedina had the biggest head I had ever seen on a human being. He also had the biggest heart — one that became more corroded over time, leaking pain and despair. The droll demeanor, ...

Dimitri’s Passion

Once upon a time, I was a non-hippie proto-post-punk semi-amniotic undergraduate at UCSD, floundering in the concrete-and-topsoil wastes of an almost brand-new Muir College—searching for a major, a mentor, or something magic (not to mention ...

Buried Treasure: Four Local Poets

LoVerne Brown, Lee Gerlach, Kamal Kapur, Al Zolynas

"I worked for the city engineering department for years, writing manuals and things — and when I got the first inkling of a poem, I’d come home and write down some ideas or the first few lines."

In the Tentacles of Hydra

The truth about the cause of AIDS, according to J. F. Sandelien

"The following pages will ... reveal a shocking conspiracy of silence and cover-up..." This subversive notion — extracted from a locally self-published book, The Truth about the Cause of AIDS — showed up recently downtown. ...

Every Furtive Soul

It’s an empty middle-of-the-week hump night, Wednesday, two-thirty a.m. The moon is full; the uncommonly illuminated sky is azure and clear, bright as it most often is a half-hour before sunup. University Avenue looks broader ...

La Especial

It’s Sunday, 2 a.m. A dark balmy night. Imperial Avenue is quiet, almost deserted, but there’s action up ahead, across from the old welfare office on 25th Street — now fenced in and vacant. A ...

A Room by the Boulevard

The Hitching Post Motel

“This town’s not getting any smaller," Gordon sighs. “We’ve got too much urban sprawl.” Dorothy cuts in. “The main problem is too many foreigners coming here. We’re just too close to the border.”

What Teachers Read

What books lie on teachers’ nightstands? This innocent question about reading habits and tastes has the power to befuddle, embarrass, or provoke impressive lists. Some teachers lament not having enough time or energy to turn ...

Let’s Be Friends

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