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The fantastical odyssey of Ocean Beach's fuel

It’s a gas

"I can vividly see Del Monte, the street where we lived, and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, which was Defoe then [renamed in the '20s after the Sunset Cliffs development]. There was no pavement, just dirt streets."

The deadly view from Sunset Cliffs

No final solution to erosion, fatal falls

On February 11, 1973, police and lifeguards made note of a cave that had collapsed during beneath the corner of Coronado Avenue and Bacon Street — the site of the Forties’ cave-in that killed Clytie Purvis.

Billy Carlson, the boy mayor of San Diego

“Every grain of sand that is part of San Diego is dear to me.”

He had the eager devotion to San Diego of Pete Wilson, the unswerving optimism of Mike Gotch, and the bounce-back ability of Roger Hedgecock. He was possessed of such energy that his chroniclers wondered when he slept.