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Muhammad Ali Will Not Fight George Foreman at the Coliseum

(But you can watch Julio Gomes punch it out with "Iron" Mike Avans)

"Every now and then the public gets interested in violence. People get interested in that kind of action. I think it's an ideal time for boxing to make a comeback."

TeeJay — big savings on so many things

Hotels, restaurants, leather goods, alcohol, medicine, almost everything at Cali-Max

The big savings are reaped on goods whose prices are controlled by the Mexican government.

Tijuana jai alai players are streak performers

Zing splat ooph! The boys on the fronton

JAI ALAI is the fast-moving, fast-betting Basque ball court sport which, the game’s aficionados will quickly point out, is the world's most exciting game. It is also one of the most dangerous. “I played baseball ...

1976 San Diego guide to golf courses

Public courses, snappy nines, night-light golf, snowbirds, resorts, untouchables, military

Most golfers will tell you that San Diego has more golf courses than any other area in the country. They say this not out of affection for San Diego nor because the tourist bureau has ...

No-fault divorce means no detectives

The demise of the small-time dick

As an assignment for a private investigator, it was almost too good to be true. The job guaranteed several weeks’ work at full pay with no risk at all to the investigator. Naturally T.J., a ...

San Diego restaurant guides – a critical look

Paperbound gourmet

For fifty weeks out of the year, this friend of mine, Lamory Laumeister, enjoys the very special life of the expatriate American in San Miguel del Allende, a colonial art town not far from Mexico ...