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Baja upholsterers, drug smuggler, Baby Rock owned by porno king, Agua Caliente racktrack, sunken subs off La Jolla

Bob Owens wrote for the Reader from 1983 through 2001. Editor's picks of Owens' stories: Tijuana’s upholstery heyday Jose Quezada, 47, calls himself a talón. “A talón is like a hustler. And a talón is ...

Tijuana’s upholstery heyday

Liked to deal with the gringos

Jose Quezada, 47, calls himself a talón. “A talón is like a hustler. And a talón is important here. Some of the workers–” he rolls his eyes back to the shop where men are banging ...

Hacking It in Baja

I know this guy -- call him Dave -- who spent much of February and part of March searching San Diego stores for a set-top receiver compatible with the DirecTV system. He had no use ...

Americans rush to Tijuana's 1000+ farmacias

Biggest sellers – Retin-A, Ventolin, Viagra, Nicorette gum, Xenical

Time was when a tourist driving through Tijuana might have thought this a metropolis of auto-upholstery shops. To a visitor on foot, the ubiquity of curio stores suggested the city was about purses and blankets. ...

Just Say Nay

Horses acting funny cast a shadow over Del Mar

Two of Mandella’s horses tested positive for scopolamine, Mandella successfully appealed to an administrative judge and claimed the drug was in the animals' systems because they had eaten jimson weed with their feed.

The Guns of Mexico

Gun ownership is illegal in Mexico. This statement has been heard more than once on Southern California talk radio. Sometimes a host or caller will qualify the comment by saying it is handguns that are ...

Borderline Truckers

Long-haul, big-rig truck drivers who flow into San Diego consider the area one of the least friendly in the country, mainly because of the absence of full-service truck stops. Not long ago Dan and Terry ...

Crossroads of the West Gun Show at Del Mar warns customers of pending bills

"The show promoter could be held responsible for anything that happened down the line"

On Saturday, July 7, dozens of people were waiting outside the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Del Mar Fair-grounds for the 9:00 a.m. opening. Inside, Crossroads owner Bob Templeton had gathered key ...

Tijuana man gets $5k/week as burro for drug kings

The advice he go in San Diego's MCC

The chiefs of Mexican narcotics cartels get the headlines, but they couldn't make a nickel without burros or mulas -- donkeys or mules -- who smuggle the contraband across the border. A Customs department spokeswoman ...

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