Bob Dorn

Dorn was a staff writer for the Evening Tribune, the Copley afternoon paper, then turned to the alternative press; he wrote stories for the Reader in the early 1980s, including these:

Articles by Bob Dorn

Stories hidden inside the San Diego Reader, part 2

San Diego's explosives man, Baja tragedy, rock art southwest of Jacumba, Chinese in San Diego

Editor: The following feature stories appeared in the interior pages of the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s and have just been converted to digital form. My Triumph, my defeat Five years later I still ...

Stories hidden inside the San Diego Reader

Ventura Place, rock art, Brenda Starr, Vietnamese poets

Editor: The following feature stories appeared in the interior pages of the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s and have just been converted to digital form. Meditations while riding San Diego Transit “Yes, these people ...

San Diego characters you should have known

Al Ducheny, Steve Kelly, Larry Himmel, Sam Spital, Stanley Siegel, Ed Miller

Bad blood in Barrio Logan Ducheny is most unpopular with those who run the government-funded agencies, people such as Rachel Ortiz, who directs the Barrio Station youth program; Jess Haro, chairman of the Chicano Federation; ...

Union-Tribune hires cartoonist from Dartmouth Review

Hey, Steve Kelley, how come you're such a mean guy?

Twenty-seven-year-old Steve Kelley became chief editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union in June of 1981. Since then Kelley has been named Headliner of the Year by the San Diego Press Club, has won honors ...

Mike Aguirre on John Alessio, J. David, Jim Bates, Roger Hedgecock, and the Penthouse suit

Crime and politics

Anderson named Van Deerlin, along with Teddy Kennedy, as two of a number of Capitol Hill figures who purchased drugs from a small network of pages and doorwatchers on the Hill. Van Deerlin denied the story.

From Poland to San Diego before Solidarity won

The Warsaw connection

The violin wasn't much to look at. It sat in an old case Mirek had thrown almost casually onto a corner of the couch in John Ratajkowski's Carmel Valley home. A family heirloom, to be ...

San Diego restaurants chafe under tyranny of ABC

How about a drink?

A lot of people are whispering about Pete Case. A successful downtown restaurateur who is also active in politics predicts Case won’t last another year in his position as district administrator of the state’s Alcoholic ...

I transformed my $1400 Triumph into a $4000 Triumph

That wheel and tire are rolling back toward Lemon Grove into oncoming traffic

If you were snowshoeing one crisp day late in November, 1980, through peaks 8000 to 9000 feet in the air just south of Lake Tahoe and heard a single car ruining the silence of that ...

Jobs for Peace tries to picket Convair

The ‘Bread Not Bombs’ banner will not fly

You say you used to march for peace? Used to stand up for justice. Sit down in protest. Bet that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? “Who do you think you are, Communism?” The ...

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