Bob Dorn

Dorn was a staff writer for the Evening Tribune, the Copley afternoon paper, then turned to the alternative press; he wrote stories for the Reader in the early 1980s, including these:

Articles by Bob Dorn

Crime & Politics

Mike Aguirre on John Alessio, J. David, Jim Bates, Roger Hedgecock, and the Penthouse suit

Anderson named Van Deerlin, along with Teddy Kennedy, as two of a number of Capitol Hill figures who purchased drugs from a small network of pages and doorwatchers on the Hill. Van Deerlin denied the story.

Is It Music? Can You Bear To Listen?

The sound of Diamanda Galás

With the lights out, what you first hear is a deep intake of breath amplified, a whooshing intake of air that is stored in silence for a second, maybe more, as if warning is being ...

Somewhere Between Death and the Border

Toyota rolls 300 miles south of San Diego, we scramble to find a plane

“Word spread among the Americans [around the Pemex station] that there was an emergency and some fellow who identified himself as an orthopedic surgeon peered in the back of the van and attempted to assess Eddie’s condition.”

Mean Business: Sol Price and the FedMart story

The San Diego struggle for membership retail

Later that same year, having lost his fear of flying. Price crossed the Atlantic and landed in Karlsruhe, Germany, to discuss with Hugo Mann, retail marketing baron, one such way of going private.

The Littlefield Chronicles

The Spreckels Building owner who fought the downtown big boys

“You 'll never fit all this in. There’s just too much, isn’t there? It’s really a book •that would be timely, for women. And it’s going to be done. You know its title? A Town ...

Right Between the Hits

Rap Time at 13K

Talking fast isn’t a matter of choice for AM jocks; it isn’t rock and roll chic in the way working at Tower Records while you’re wearing your Grateful Dead roadie shirt and acting bored is chic.

1979: Year in Review

Rape of the Earth Medal of Dishonor The year's most infamous award goes to the voters of San Diego, a majority of whom agreed to exchange 39 acres of prime canyonland in Balboa Park for ...

The Last Rewrite

San Diego Evening Tribune writer calls it quits.

When C. Arnholt Smith fell under federal indictment and lost his U.S. National Bank, the Union ran the story on its second-section page under a headline that merely said the bank was being sold.

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