Bo Caldwell

Bo Caldwell, best-selling author, was Stegner fellow at Stanford, lives in Northern California with her husband, writer Ron Hansen, and two children. She wrote for the Reader in the late 1990s

Articles by Bo Caldwell

Bo Caldwell: Mom wants short skirts and a divorce

Moving out

It was somewhere around then that I started to cry. I don’t mean a few tears now and then (I’d been crying all along, of course). I don’t mean that I cried when I was sad or upset. I mean that I began to weep almost every day.

Divorce, then an unlikely conversion to Catholicism

A change of heart

I was in first grade, my mom told me that I ’d been invited to play at Jenny’s house and that after school I should take the bus as usual but get off with Jenny. ...

San Diego's military wives – practicality incarnate

Troopers, angels, and heartbreakers

Clutter doesn’t exist In their homes. The first thing you notice is order; and you don't just see it, you feel it. Nothing is out of place. Toys are on shelves, coffee-table books and family ...