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Fire moves from open space to El Cajon homes

Homeless camps the cause?

Fire broke out close to the 1300 block of Aurora Drive in El Cajon. The fire started on a open space preserve and burned close to homes. A 100-foot firebreak along the east edge of ...

Video: Weasel watch at a Lakeside park

Entertainers and hunters

Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside has become a hotspot for wildlife photographers. This year’s rains brought enough water to fill the east basin, bringing with it again an abundance of wildlife. Many shore birds have ...

Two-fire weekend in Lakeside

Homeless woman burned

At about 1 p.m. on May 12, a fire broke out in the Glenview area in the East County, marking the second fire in as many days. A mobile home burned in the Glen View ...

Video: Eagle watch at Ramona Grasslands

Youngster to fly soon

For the first time in many years, according to the Wildlife Research Institute, a young pair of bald eagles are nesting and raising a single offspring. The eaglet is about one month old, according to ...

San Diego police K-9 units train at Lakeside’s El Monte Park

Fake suspect, real bites

Mid-week, you can often find San Diego police utilizing the large open spaces of El Monte Park (five miles east of Lakeside) to train their dogs. The K-9 unit pulls up to the staged scene, ...

Lakeside Rodeo trades sign for big screen

Goodbye, longhorns; hello, pixels

In Lakeside on January 17, the finishing touches were put on the new Lakeside Rodeo marquee. The old sign was put up in the early ’70s and was showing signs of wear. The cost of ...

Lindo Lake refilled with recent rainwater

Until the other day, the upper pond at Lindo Lake Park had been dry since the beginning of last summer. The pond is full of water once again, thanks to the storm runoff from this ...

El Monte Valley Bobcats Caught on Video

Early on the morning of November 15 in El Monte Valley, I was driving slow like always, hoping to see a cat. Thursday was my day. I stopped my car when I spotted a young ...

A Man and His Mules Find Lakeside

A lone drifter, age unknown, rides into Lakeside, California, with his three mules. He says they wander the country, guided only by the love of the Earth and its creatures. The man goes by the ...

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