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I did evil things

“When I went into prison I was under the delusion that I hadn’t done anything bad enough to merit prison time,” wrote Johnny Love (of San Diego band the Johnny Love Sound) in an email. ...

Chad Farran Goes Batty in Belize

Chad Farran releases Surfari Sessions Volume 2, music he wrote for Fuel TV show On Surfari.

Where's Flickerstick?

On April 2, 2001, VH1 debuted a competitive reality TV show called Bands on the Run. The concept was to have four unsigned bands compete for a prize package that included $150,000 in cash, equipment, ...

We're Outta Here, or Not

It seems as though the pending purchase of O’Connell’s nightclub has fallen through. O’Connell’s, a live-music venue located at 1310 Morena Boulevard, is owned and operated by husband and wife Rick and Lorrie LaLama and ...