Anne Albright

Anne Albright authored the Reader's Kid Stuff column for many years, in addition to special features.

Articles by Anne Albright

Billy Blazes

2003 Cedar and Paradise fires- seen from Escondido and San Marcos

The last Sunday in October, we awoke to the smell of smoke and an ochre sky. Jack dozed. I followed Johnny and Ben downstairs. “Can I play Bionicle website?” Johnny asked. His thick chestnut hair ...

Where We Were

9-11 - what do I tell the kids?

The phone rang around 7:40. I was standing just inside the open bathroom door tucking my black Land's End T-shirt into a gray knit skirt. Eight-year-old Rebecca and six-year-old Angela had dressed themselves in their ...

    Three More Months

    Pregnancy is a humbling experience. Family, friends, total strangers feel compelled to comment on the size and shape of my body. The rounder I become, the bolder people get. At 28 weeks out of a ...

    How big I am

    The pregnant belly

    Angela gazed at my great naked body. From her perspective, eyes about level with my protruding navel, I must have looked like a super tanker viewed from the deck of a small sailing ship.

    Jack surfs

    I started to mind

    Jack still talks wistfully about the year he lived on Nautilus Street in La Jolla. At night if he left his bedroom window open. Jack could hear the surf building a block away at Windansea.

    My Father Never Stopped Moving

    He repaired the damage from snow Tamarack Lodge received every winter.

    During my adolescence, my father had a hard time keeping a job. His problems began when I was 11. We lived in Pine Valley out in East County. My father sold surgical supplies for a ...

    Jack Got a Much Bigger Present Than He Thought

    Kid Stuff- pregnant

    “Room for another baby” came into my head like someone whispering over my shoulder.

    A much bigger present than you thought

    Pregnant with number five

    When Johnny was nine months old, my husband Jack and I took a refresher course in Natural Family Planning. We followed the rules religiously. “No cheating,” I told Jack when he suggested we take a chance.

    As close as they'll ever come to giving birth

    Jack has kidney stones

    As I sped toward the hospital, I thought of the times Jack has driven me to the hospital in the middle of the night. Those times, when our children were born, the streets seemed strangely intimate.

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