Amy Chu

Amy Chu served as calendar editor and wrote feature stories for the Reader in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Articles by Amy Chu

Best Reader stories from 1982

Unwanted pregnancy, bad accident in Baja, alcohol and Indians, Sol Price, Fred Schnaubelt, Florence Chadwick, San Diego's version of Tarahumara runner

What on earth am I settling for “Goddamnit,” said Jane one evening about six months ago when I answered the door of our apartment in Golden Hill and found her on the stoop, Jeanne sliding ...

Amy Chu and the Reader

SD Museum of Art's labs, Green Tiger Press, Indians and alcohol, Rudford's, San Diego's Chinese, climbing Tahquitz, young ballet dancers

Amy Chu served as calendar editor and wrote feature stories for the Reader in the late 1970s and early 1980s. How they restore great paintings in Balboa Park A recent Tuesday morning in Balboa Park ...

A.W. Coggeshall, downtown San Diego's blue-collar landlord

Can you spot the millionaire in this picture?

Suppose, for a moment, that you had a lot of money — oh, not exactly cash, but valuable property. More money, that is, than you would ever need. Suppose, too, that for most of your ...

A complete survey of San Diego shopping malls

Pssst. Don't look now, but you've been malled

Today there isn’t much about South Bay Plaza to distinguish it from the commercial buildings around it: just two parallel lines of stores separated by an unpretentious pedestrian mall. It was the biggest shopping center ...

Green Tiger Press – a true tale of the publishing business

How Unicorn Cinema held on

The traveler waits on the dock surrounded by his baggage: steamer trunks, wooden crates of books, parcels of drawings and rolled-up paintings. He is dressed in a purple jacket with a daffodil in the lapel, ...

In conversation with a Rudford's girl

It takes years to learn to be an arm waitress

Tomorrow is Saturday, that’s the busiest day. They’re either having a garage sale or going to one; and some of them come in to read the Racing Form. I leave home before four, especially if ...

What San Diego County reservations are doing about Indian alcohol

The slow massacre

There was no liquor on the old reservation,but as soon as the tribe was moved to Viejas, in 1931, “there was plenty of it.” She started drinking when her First husband came back from the service.

The Climb to Gold Mountain: San Diego's Chinatown

What and who is left: The Quins, the Quons, the Homs, Chans, Chuns, Fungs, Yees

A Chinaman was fishing for abalone off Pt. Loma and it clamped on his hand and he didn’t have sense enough to take a rock and break it and he drowned. They found him clamped to a rock there.

My 75-year-old mother lives, works in streets of New York

She has come to San Diego, but she'd rather stay home

I ask when she will retire. She asks when I will have a baby. She used to say she would retire soon. Now she says, so she won’t retire for at least another year.

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