Alexander Theroux

American novelist and poet and brother of novelist Paul Theroux and Peter Theroux, a translator of Arabic literary work. Alexander Theroux, who considered his time in San Diego a "joyless" experience, wrote for the Reader from 1995 through 1997.

Articles by Alexander Theroux

Hell With the Fire Gone Out

A wanderer in the wasteland

It was all of it sad, godforsaken country. Last summer in a remote area south of here, around Split Mountain, a man whose car had broken down was found dead. He was shoeless and his brain had boiled.

I Am Criticized as Being Hard to Read. He is Thought to Be Cynical. I Should Publish More Books. He Publishes Too Much.

The Theroux brothers

Paul told me that if he had read my novel Darconville’s Cat in high school, he would never have started to write. And in a way, I began to write in order to catch up to him.

Last Eden

Black’s Beach. The “world’s largest nude beach” as it is commonly billed, it may come as something of a surprise to many San Diegans, is officially—legally, technically, formally—a non-nude beach. Clothing is not optional; it ...

The street where nothing ever happens until it does

Revolucion: Big Curio Store, Long Bar, Hotel Nelson, Foreign Club, Sara's, Maxim's, Caesar's Hotel, Jai Alai

Avenida Revolucion begins at the boundary of the United States and Mexico, at the junction with Avenida Internacional where, at rush hour, cars come racing around the corner onto Revolucion. At the very bottom of ...

Decent Life Led by the Ordinary Man

Reflections on my father

We were not allowed to talk about money at the table, crush the counters of our shoes, leave dirty silverware on the sideboard, or refer to our mother as “she,” which he found particularly disrespectful.

O.J.'s Post Mortem

What we find in the end is cartoons.

Only minutes before, Cochran had unctuously and fatuously portrayed the O.J. Simpson case as part of the long and unending struggle for civil rights in America, comparing this murder trial to the battles against slavery.

The grammar of rock and roll

Hincty, Zoo-Zoos, Whuppin’, Juicehead, Hamfat, Gleeby, Mogatin’, Motorvatin’, Licin’ Stick, Jelly Roll, Scronch, Poppa-Stoppa, Dicty, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Good Booty, Shag on Down, and Meekin’

Parsing the demon-tongue of shake-your-groove-thang-ism.

Californians Are an Idle, Thriftless People

Richard Henry Dana in San Diego

So on that Sunday, young Dana — a stripling tar, 20 years old — walked into San Diego wearing a blue jersey, duck trousers, and a straw hat. He and his friend Stimson headed right to a “grog-shop.”

Hateful, hurtful and hellish: Plagiarism in Primary Colors

I have quoted to myself enough passages from Dante, Othello, The Changeling, The Dunciad, Swift and Yeats, skip-rope rhymes, Lord Byron, Burma-Shave jingles, “Lycidas,” Proust, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Great Expectations to have tried to make them mine.

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