Al Young

On May 15, 2005, Young was named Poet Laureate of California.

An excerpt from Young's work ran in the Reader music section: Somebody Done Hoodoo'd the Hoodoo Man

Articles by Al Young

Somebody Done Hoodoo'd the Hoodoo Man

How magic inspired my poetry

Crazy-quilt patches of somber and giddy sound formed the literal fabric of my tender world. I grew up in homes where the verbal jam session was a floating and usually festive fixture. Clusters of people ...

Mister Sax

Charles McPherson at home and at ease

Ids the ballad still valid? Even in the half-light of the Palace Bar at the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego's muted Gaslamp District, I can see nothing but mock seriousness in Charles McPherson's movie-star ...

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