miagd Sept. 24, 2013 @ 9:47 p.m.

The culture of fear in the SUHSD has lasted too long. Thanks to all those who are not stopped by bully tactics.


anniej Sept. 24, 2013 @ 9:53 p.m.

shirleyberan - many calls have gone out to other districts asking how much they pay Private Investigators - one response I believe says it all - "when you consider the fact that SUHSD is involved in an upcoming case of allegations of corruption I find it absurd that your superintendent Ed Brand is spying on community members".

Cheers' name is mentioned in the corruption case as a community member who spoke to the DA and FBI asking for help.

In any event the question that needs to be answered is this 'why, when Brand alleged that he is using a company that has the ability to access emails and cell phones, a totally illegal act did the board sit there and say NOTHING, not one word of admonishment'. Do you think ESI knows that Brand alleged that?, bet they do now. But what the hey, those $10,000.00 fines, our tax dollars will pay for them, Maybe Brand could get the money out of the account that has the alleged missing ASB monies from Bounce Back.

My South Bay neighbors I hope you are understanding the seriousness of this issue. Close to 200k spent for a Private I. As O'Neill stated that kind of investigation is for the DA and police officials - that is what our 'other' tax dollars pay for.

Our superintendent is painting a portrait of our board members that is less than flattering.

Now for the icing on the cake, Tom Hassey, part time teacher and good old boy friend of Brand was there - and had the nerve to compare the Compact for Success to Alliant - he, failed to compare the most important difference other than cost - the GPA requirement for the Compact was 3.5, now is 3.0 - Alliant, I believe is a 2.0 or is it a 2.5. Seems like a teacher would/should know that fact.

What Brand has failed to acknowledge is this, those persons in the community that he and certain board members have placed on SUHSD MOST WANTED POSTERS were the ones who told Brand what was going on in the Food Services Dept., and Castle Park missing ASB funds, and the massaged numbers, and, and, and - but here he sits acting like HE SAVED THE DAY - no wonder he is paranoid!!!!!!!


oskidoll Sept. 25, 2013 @ 6:11 a.m.

Quite a puzzlement indeed. I must wonder why Fast Eddy hired ESI if he believes that employees should be investigated....that is what Shinoff and his legal pals do within the context of EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LAW.. At least, one assumes that Dan and his legal investigators fully understand individual rights, and perhaps were unwilling to do Ed's bidding going after community members and others in such a shady manner.

I smell another Brand rat trying to intimidate not only employees but members of the public whose tax money Brand is frittering away. We already know Ed does not believe in the Brown Act, and it is becoming apparent that he does not understand or care to honor our rights as taxpayers and citizens.


erupting Oct. 5, 2013 @ 3:15 p.m.

Intimidation tactics against students that seem to be illegal. Maybe it's time to call the ACLU.


Ensenadamaria Oct. 13, 2013 @ 9:46 p.m.

Students facebook pages are on fire. Many are wanting to help the teachers! Students are wanting their parents to go to the board meeting and speak up.


angrybirds Oct. 14, 2013 @ 10:59 a.m.

I am just laughing my a-- off. Can this district even screw in a light bulb without getting electrocuted? They have no money and all they do is steal from those people living on the eastside. Hey folks on the east you should come to our schools on the west they are really nice and updated.

3% reserves doesnt even exist in a normal household what makes them think they can get away with that. Use your heads people you are doing everything a-- backwards. OMG get rid of these people already.

Did anyone really read this last sentence: "The district’s surplus property is tied together in an exchange agreement, which means that — when and if — “shovel ready” projects are sold, the money will not go to the general fund to alleviate the deficit spending problem; rather, the money will be used to pay down the district’s debt on the L Street property."

Hmm inquiring minds want to know where does the mulah go? Not to the kids or the teachers maybe Fast Eddy's pocket.


gobigal Oct. 15, 2013 @ 8:35 a.m.

My health insurance is suddenly going up by $500 a month. What do you bet it goes to buy a lovely new district office and not to shore up reserves....?


anniej Oct. 16, 2013 @ 8:44 p.m.

Don Bauder - Alliant for sale, and who was there to help promote the future sale with the added entity of a satellite campus at the Natl City Adult School and the large demographic of unsuspecting, trusting student/parents of the South Bay? None other than 'lets make a deal' Ed Brand. I have no doubt there was/is financial gain for Brand.

Alas, his con game was headed off at the pass by an astute National City Planning Commission and those troublesome antagonists,

More and more are asking the question where is Jim Cartmill? Where is John McCann?
Why are they protecting Brand?????


anniej Oct. 22, 2013 @ 6:19 p.m.

aardvark - next week all defendants are to be in court. Some charges have been dropped but there are enough to hold these alleged -- -accountable. Testimonies will expose the truth - the deals, the monies, the dinners, the gifts, the votes and the contracts.something tells me a certain someone will stop singing the song "I merely asked for a favor for a charity". Trials do begin in February.

cvres - yes, why is a school board allowed to spend millions when they are under indictment. It is important to point out that Lopez and Quinones have consistently voted NO on more property. Quinones has long questioned past real estate deals - new district office on L street - the mortgage for the 20+ million dollar property yet we do not own the title. That would be a Brand, Jim Cartmill and Arlie Ricasa deal back in 2005. We then traded the city of Chula for yet another new district office on Third Avenue, that property vacant to this day. Then 'the gandara' came along and Jim Cartmill and Arlie Ricasa paid thousands for yet another prospective new district office site on The Mile of Cars - ever heard of a fly over appraisal. So,,,,, here we sit - L street is worth about 12 million and a balloon payment is due, yet Ed Brand, Cartmill, McCann, and Ricasa once again go to the till for more money. The drawer is empty, no problem there is always Mello and employee/teachers benefits. What the hey, none of the four will be here this time next year.

Regarding last night - a competent board president and an ethical superintendent would have NOT chosen last night for two long presentations and would not have announced they were cutting the meeting short to discuss a property deal in Closed Session.

Why pray tell was that property deal being discussed in Closed Session? I could have sworn the money they are spending is ours.

gobigal - right is right and the teachers/employees are right. Mob is not an adjective I would use to describe them.

Continued attendance is needed. If we all join together, reach out to more parents with the facts WE WILL BRING ABOUT CHANGE SOON!!!!!


gobigal Oct. 22, 2013 @ 4 p.m.

Timtim. We are all angry and we have all been watching what the board does. The money is going to hurt, but using our kids to blackmail us into settling our contract is a bridge too far. (You probably didn't get that, it is a WWII reference, google it.) Annie- we are watching, we are reading and we are sharing these articles with our less savvy peers. Our anger is finally outpacing our fear of reprisal. You saw the opening salvo of our hurt, anger and frustration last night. We were not a mob. We were fed up with being treated poorly by this board. Enough is enough. Teachers are not an inconvenience or an expense.

Has this board not ever heard of leasing office space by the way? Lease the damn building and then sell off the rest of the land Hassey talked you into buying and then buy the new building. I cannot understand for the life of me how you can take $850 a month from my kids and think it is ok to waste $40 million on L street and now $30 million more for a new property.


Woodchuck Oct. 23, 2013 @ 11:09 a.m.

Tim Tim--You are all Democrats?? If we are paying for the ACA then a new district office should be ok also?? Your logic defies, uh, logic. The voters did not elect you to act in lockstep and in secret. The Brown act is important to everyone but is a bother to the Sweetwater Board?? Bertha and Pearl did not get their usual kickback, does that mean that you and Jim, Arlie and Brand did?? Finally, the protests that night were about the union concerns but was much more than that. The community as a whole is sick and tired of the bad decisions, secret plans, questionable dealings, etc. that you and your board believe is in the community's best interest. If you were to do the right thing, then you would all resign.


Ken Harrison Oct. 24, 2013 @ 1:24 p.m.

Susan, you ought to get some kind of writer award for these pieces. You've been all over this issue since day one. Pulitzer? Do they recognize papers such as ours? At least a San Diego Press Club mention?


Susan Luzzaro Oct. 24, 2013 @ 4:21 p.m.

timtim has provided the readers with an excellent video. I would have missed it had he not posted it. It reminds the viewers how many problems the district is embroiled in. There's also a good interview with the guard and the president of the teachers' association. I hope everyone takes a look at it.


Ensenadamaria Dec. 7, 2013 @ 6:29 p.m.

Let us consider the MILLIONS of bond tax dollars that were played with by this group.

Let us consider the members of the community who voted for and trusted these people to look after our students and after our tax dollars.

Let us consider that members of this community, our neighbors, who stood before these people and attempted to alert them to the truth.

Now let us consider the number of times they left those board meetings, allegedly met up for food and beverages and reveled amongst themselves at all they had gained.



anniej Dec. 6, 2013 @ 9:27 p.m.

Visduh - Ed Brand had better get going while the going is good.

I have a funny feeling that the truth about EVERYTHING is getting ready to break.

A new case? State and Fed officials? Hmmmmmm


anniej Dec. 7, 2013 @ 4:43 p.m.

Mr. Bleisch - it is obvious you are a protector of family and that is a great quality that I respect.

The issues we are commenting on have to do with the students of the South Bay. Ed Brand left during his first tenure due to a Grand Jury investigation,math at is a fact. South Bay community services held the principal of CPM hostage in order to get Federally Protected student information, that is a fact. Our District has 4 of 5 Board members under indictment, that is a fact. The monies spent on banners, stages and paint would have been better spent in the classroom, that is a fact. There are many questions surrounding the two other Charter Dchool financials, listen to the last board meeting audio, that is a fact.

Yes Sir you are correct about the attention - and there is more coming. Unfortunately this new attention will shine the spotlight on the fact that all that glitters is not gold. The new attention will be about a FEDERAL LAW that was broken, and please do not even get me going regarding the alleged tax dollar misappropriation. Funny thing about laws and the CAVE people, they kind of see themselves as watchdogs that do their due diligence.

Your statement 'he must be doing something right' - on that note I will not document the hearsay shared by many of the most talented educators and administrators in the distict - I will step back and let the teachers who have worked with him comment.

'bs witch hunt' - hmmm, you might want to check with Jesus Gandara, Jim Sandoval and the others who will be in court next Friday - you know 'here comes the judge'. Funny they said the exact same thing when their deeds were 'found out'.


anniej Dec. 18, 2013 @ 6:19 p.m.

Well folks

'the gandara'. Check Arlie Ricasa. Check

Two down. This is a win, she is GONE!!!!!! Let us not forget Ms. Ricasa actually cried the night 'the gandara' walked down that center isle at Southwest High - driven out by a community that had had enough! No more alleged deals, no more alleged gifts she has ADMITTED to being guilty. Reread what SPECIFICALLY she pleaded to -

HOWEVER, allow me to remind you all of the Board vote earlier this month regarding the finances, the 10 million dollar deficit and the NEW District office. What Board members would cast such a vote - that would be Arlie Ricasa, Jim Cartmill and John McCann. Now the question remains WHY???????????????

What of the Castle Park Middle School FEDERALLY PROTECTED INFORMATION that was reportedly given out to Promise Neighborhoods? Why did the Board ignored this?

Why was Dr. Alt fired?

When you know better you are suppose to do better -

Remember, Ed Brand has been added to the 'gotta go' list if we want to return SUHSD's good name. Education dollars should be spent IN THE CLASSROOM, not on a new plush office for Brand.


Ensenadamaria Dec. 18, 2013 @ 6:48 p.m.

Arlie must resign her position if Southwestern is earnest in its commitment to do away with corruption. She did not simply plead to a misdemeanor she acknowledged in writing that her vote was for sale. Little compassion is felt for someone who is a disgrace to her community. People voted for her for a reason she did nothing but bring disgrace to their vote. Any Director who admits to such a thing must be made to resign.


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