Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, or Someone Else?

Meg Whitman 36 votes


Jerry Brown 84 votes


Someone Else 25 votes


145 total votes


SaltyFrazer Sept. 30, 2010 @ 6:46 p.m.

People need to know one basic fact: government is not a business. I voted "someone else" in the poll here but will vote for Brown when the time comes. Why? For the very reason people don't like him; he's an experienced politician. The position of governor requires an experienced politician who can deal with politicians. The actor thought he was going to come in and shake things up, run it like a business, etc. He ran the "business" into the ground because he had no experience dealing with experienced politicians. The same thing will happen with Whitman. The politicians will stonewall her at every turn and the people of Cal will pay the price. I am not suportive of these politicians and their tactics but that is the way it is; the way it works. One businessperson cannot change this system. We are going to get "the same old same old" no matter which one wins so why not select someone familiar with the government system. Thank you.


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