Tacos el Gordo


What a wacky place Tacos el Gordo is! The Chula Vista branch of a Tijuana taco shop has a pretty rock-solid relationship with faithful clientele and the place seems to be jamming at just about any hour of the day that it's open. It looks like the building used to be a McDonald's or something, although it's more likely it was a nonmainstream fast food joint of some variety. There are vestiges of a defunct drive-through window and an employee stands in the parking lot during busy times to direct parking for customers who line their cars up around the side of the building, visiting the drive-through that's no longer there.


brianballestamon 6 years, 11 months ago on Tacos el Gordo

Nothing beats Tacos El Gordo on highland. Gimme 6 adobada tacos and im set. and maybe 1 more before i leave.


bentleye 9 years, 10 months ago on Tacos el Gordo

Excellent tacos of the kind you get from stands on the street in Tijuana and ensenada and othe Mexican cities. The original one is or was in Tijuana by the Zona Rio shopping center and Mercado Hidalgo. That used to be my favorite place for tacos when I used to go to Tijuana to get them before border delays and drug murders cut down my Mexico expeditions. The stores on this side of the border are exactly like the one in Mexico except they have nice in door seating. Fresh torillas and grilled meat with excellent salsa, cilantro and onions or plain if you want it plain. The al pastor, and the lengua are my personal favorites. But carne asada, buche, and beef are also excellent. I can't vouch for the tripe, but it seems popular. Ortegas also has soft drinks, and a salsa bar with limes and clean radishes. If there is a flaw with the place, it is that it does not have anything on the menu but its tacos, quesadillas and maybe burritos -- I don't remember. But if you know that going in, its not really a problem. There is another one in San Diego, as well as one in Temcula. Maybe more that I don't knmow of.


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