John Dillemuth: Contraptions And Go-mo(s). Assemblages, contraptions, vehicles, and paintings combine to create an installation that references domestic places and the adventurous space beyond. Natural and cultural elements are juxtaposed by adjoined branches adorned with materials that entail memory and allude to the body. Large-scale vehicles explore the relationship between real and imaginary—they resemble toys, yet their sheer size and presence places them in our physical space. The small paintings function as windows with glimpses of places and people that are both imaginary and yet as real as the cartoon contraption. FEBRUARY 4–JULY 23.
Artist Alliance at the Museum 2017. More than 200 artists submitted to be part of the fourth and largest Artist Alliance exhibition at OMA. Artwork includes oil paintings, watercolors, photography, digital artwork, collage, and sculpture—a survey of media and styles from local and national artists. This exhibition represents the incredible quality of artwork being produced by artists in the Artist Alliance membership group at the museum. Jurors for the exhibition were Karen McGuire, curator of exhibitions for the City of Carlsbad’s William D. Cannon Art Gallery, and Sue Greenwood of Sue Greenwood Fine Art. MARCH 4–AUGUST 27.
Michelle Montjoy: River. Michelle Montjoy collaborated with community members across generations and the county using large tabletop looms to knit using old t-shirts. Installed as an exhibition, the resulting flowing fabric forms embrace the connection, fluidity, and vitality of the many hands involved. MARCH 25–JULY 9.

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