Place Description

Bailey's Palomar Resort

33691 Bailey Meadow Road, Palomar Mountain, CA


Take over the 1888 Bailey House high on Palomar Mountain for a unique getaway. Think Julie Andrews, opening shot, Sound ...

Event Space | Lodging

Harrison Serenity Ranch

18187 Nate Harrison Road, Palomar Mountain, CA


Lodging | Park | Outdoor Space

Palomar Mountain State Park

19952 State Park Drive, Palomar Mountain, CA


Every night, graduate students and researchers trek up Mount Palomar to the 5600-foot-high Caltech-owned observatory. Nearly 60 years after Palomar ...

Park | Outdoor Space

Palomar Observatory

35899 Canfield Road, Palomar Mountain, CA


You won’t be able to peer through their five giant telescopes, but visit Palomar Observatory any day (except December 24 ...

Museum | Recreation

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