"In the great Cedar Fire, none — repeat, none — of the eucalyptus trees torched."

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A reader invites the Reader to Scripps Ranch

Plus some info for the nerdy hiker

Scripps Ranch was a real ranch Re: “Once upon a time: Scripps Ranch,” cover story. Your article is a collection of sarcastic comments that only slash and burn. God forbid you write something positive that ...

A reader thinks the Chargers failed

And another says there must be racist Latino Nazis in Barrio Logan

The Chargers failed Dryw Keltz’s cover story [“The (often moronic) emotions of NFL fans”] about whether former Chargers fans still root for the team was fair and balanced, but it lacked this one key talking ...

A word on Scripps Ranch NIMBYs

Reader comments on the Reader

NIMBY = not in my back yard Re: “Scripps Ranch — cows gone, rattlers remain,” cover story. 1) Be prepared for the onslaught of Scripps Ranch protectionists (they are not just NIMBYs). 2) The article ...

Scripps Ranch — cows gone, rattlers remain

Safe, dull, quiet, and expensive

Nowadays, while the rattlers remain, steers have been replaced by SUVs, Bambi and his kin are in a witness protection program, and the ranchers have been plowed over by glad-handers who lasso real estate. If ...


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