Barry Bonds at bat. Every acquaintance, friend, relative, every woman he's slept with, will consider selling him out in return for a small check or an appearance on Fox News.

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Best of Sporting Box, 2005

12-day TV college and pro bowl jag, grunion, Tour de France, wheelchair sports, sportsman of the year - Barry Bonds

Fresh Start I've stepped out of the darkened cave — or, more precisely, have exited the animal den known in another life as my living room, to stroll in fresh air and reconnect my chakra ...

Sportsman of the Year

Barry Bonds gets an apology and an award

Before we move into football (the NFL preseason kicks off on Saturday), the Box would like to award its Sportsman of the Year trophy. Regulars will recall that the trophy is a handsome 18-inch-tall bronze ...


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