Erica and Cortyroy. "He enjoys squeezing into the little trash-can hole and sitting down there. Then the vet has to pull him out."

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Animal friends, domesticated

The cost of dogs, life with cats, poodles are not dogs, what chickens teach, D., the duck, secretive cockfighting in North County

Love Bites Sam and I drive back to the dog room in El Cajon. By now, Sam has racked up a total bill (vets, food, clothes, general destruction, trainer, vaccination shots, equipment) in excess of ...

You Might Not Think a Cat Could Hog a Whole Bed

San Diegans on what pets do for us

Recently Missy had to pry the lizard's mouth open with a butter knife after he clamped down on Ruben's hand. While his teeth are small, the creature was able to break skin and draw blood.


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