Bill Koch. Vanity Fair was the first I'd read about Koch's use of SEALs to spy on America's Cup competitors.

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San Diego and its SEALs

Navy SEALs in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Coronado, SEAL deaths, fakes exposed

Seals A girl was called (sometimes you can still hear it in Coronado) a toad. As in "Hey, there were a lot of good lookin' toads at Bully's last Thursday" or "Hey, where's my toad; ...

SEALS give first-hand account of America's Cup spying, part 1

Koch overboard

"Koch's edge over Conner, and later over the Italian team he thrashed to take the Cup, was achieved with the help of espionage tactics... [that included] sending frogmen armed with bubble-free 'rebreathers' to inspect competing ...


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