Who is the least likable character in all of TV and film?

Asked by Andy Boyd

June 14, 2015

Beverly Elane

I believe the question was TV or Film Character- so, I’ll say Neumann!

Thomas Ritchie

Sarah Palin or just about anyone affiliated with Faux News!

Denise Nanos

Kim Kardashian

Michael Torres

Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Grace, and Bill O Reily. If you agree with any of these three fruit cakes, well you might be the problem in America!

Alesa Ramseier Wilson

Former President George W. Bush. What a character!!!

William Eichman

Louie from Taxi in the late 70’s, early 80’s, although he was my favorite character.

Cru Jones

Kim Kardashian

Douglas Moore

Oprah Winfrey!

Josie Mora

The Kardashians — all of them

Martha Robbins

I can’t even watch tv any more, yuck!!!!

Jenny Goycochea

Joffrey Baratheon from Game of thrones. HANDS DOWN.

Ken Fitzgerald

Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

Ben Herron

Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones.

Jeff Schmitz

Fran Drescher

Daniel Eliazar Spinoza

Jar jar binks, may he burn in hell.

John Shaw

That one guy on Springer that time.

Vinny Franquiz

Stop supporting the obsession over pop culture and movies and the things mankind “creates” when its all already been done before and probably better and definitely with more originality. Why don’t you ask us who the biggest villain ELECTED PUPPET aka Politician? You know, something that affects us peasants. Dicks.

Holly Evans Smart

Bill Maher. Pelosi.

Alma Beltran-Wirz

The Kardashians!!

Dan Saeger

The media

Jason Yelsnit

Tie! Any Real Housewife and any Kardashian

Carl Schmits

Hilary Clinton.

Freda Ricks

Almost everyone on t.v. Especially Bart Simpson.

Karl PapaBear Flores

Eddie Haskell

Scott Goodnight

Nicholas Cage because he’s a talentless dick. Couldn’t act sick if he had aids.


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