You wake up to discover you’re the last person on Earth. What's the first thing you do?

Asked by Andy Boyd

October 8, 2012

Photo of Heather Kirby

Heather Kirby

From Normal Heights (Insurance)

Find my dogs! With everyone else gone or dead or whatever, there would be no traffic and plenty of parking at the beaches. That and I’d never have to pick up my dog’s poop ever again — who’s going to step in it?!

Photo of Mikey Knab

Mikey Knab

From Normal Heights (GM at Ponce's)

The first thing I would do is go to Kanye West’s house and play all his musical equipment and drive all his cars and pretty much just pretend that I’m Kanye West. If I were the last person on Earth, though, I’d be the most important person on Earth, just like Kanye thinks he is now.

Photo of Bob Pasela

Bob Pasela

From Normal Heights (Owner Sabuku Sushi)

I guess I’d go ahead and collect all the things I’ve ever wanted — who’s it going to hurt?! I guess I’d go grab every bottle of Jack and make my way to the Caribbean and drink myself silly on a beach somewhere.

Photo of Kirby Owen

Kirby Owen

From Santa Cruz (Photographer)

Walk around the streets naked. Basically just never wear clothes again. Go to the beach, jump in the water, feel the cooling sensation on all my exposed bits.


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