What's the sickest you've been?

Asked by Jane Belanger

March 30, 2011

Photo of Anna Lehman

Anna Lehman

From Corona (School Teacher)

I’m actually here [near UCSD Medical Center] because I have...like a leukemia, so that’s the sickest I’ve been. They aren’t treating it right now; they’re just monitoring me. It’s just one of those random things that happen to people.

Photo of Nathaniel Shelton

Nathaniel Shelton

From Normal Heights (Kitchen Manager)

I had a hernia. I guess that would do it. My intestines were in my scrotum, took up about half of my scrotum, so I couldn’t really do anything. I think I got it from working. I had lifted something before and I lifted something heavy again and it just really, really shot it through. I got it fixed, though.

Photo of Scott McPherson

Scott McPherson

From Normal Heights (Artist/Musician)

I had a leg infection that stuck around from chicken pox when I was five. I almost had to have my right leg amputated. That’s just kind of the short answer. I don’t really know the details — there’s all these scientific things — but I guess the virus didn’t quite leave my body and for some reason just stayed around in my leg area and got really infected. I remember waking up one morning from a nap — mind you, I was only five, so I don’t remember too many details — but I remember standing up and my right leg just, like, wouldn’t work. It was, like, paralyzed. Weird.

Photo of Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

From La Jolla (Owner of Really Good Jam)

The thing that made me go gluten-free. I was in the emergency room for a day. I thought I had appendicitis. They didn’t know what it was. I thought I had food poisoning because I was soooo sick, but they couldn’t find any kind of bacteria. My son had E. coli a long time ago, so I knew the symptoms. They couldn’t find anything, so they said it was a virus. But since I’ve not had gluten, I haven’t been sick again. I was told before not to eat gluten. This kind of confirmed it. Gluten-free is the biggest growing segment of the food industry. I’ve been in England a lot — I’m from there — and there’s so much more gluten-free food than here. More and more people are becoming aware that this is why they’re getting sick.

Photo of Tara Chaloukian

Tara Chaloukian

From Normal Heights (Psychology Major)

I had pneumonia when I was in maybe first or second grade. I was pretty sick. I was in the hospital for two days. I was scared, mostly because I was scared of the needles. I guess they thought it was lung cancer at first. Then they took a second x-ray and were, like, “Oh, it moved. It’s pneumonia.” I think I was, like, five or six. I remember it was March, around my brother’s birthday, and I couldn’t breath anymore. It might have started out as a cold and grown into something worse.

Photo of Alfredo C.

Alfredo C.

From Normal Heights (Student)

I had a bad flu. This was a couple months ago. I was sick for a couple weeks. I usually don’t get sick that much. I was out of school for a little while.


SurfPuppy619 March 30, 2011 @ 5:51 p.m.

Lucky for me nothing too serious. I have always tried to take good care of my health, but genetics is by far the biggest factor in sickness and disease.

Since I have no health insurance I am lucky I have not been sick.

I tore my right bicep off at the elbow tendon in 1996, and had to have surgery to re-attach it, that was the worst in 40 years.


SurfPuppy619 March 30, 2011 @ 11:04 p.m.

I would be dead if anything major had happened to me.


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