What's your dream?

Asked by Jane Belanger

March 2, 2011

Photo of Patricia Letts

Patricia Letts

From Downtown (Student/Sales Associate)

My dream is to be an ambassador for the United States to China. I’m an Asian history major and one day I watched a movie called Seoul and it inspired me.

Photo of Jorge Reinoza

Jorge Reinoza

From Pacific Beach (Student)

I’m an abstract painter. My dream is to have everybody appreciate my art, to be traveling around the world and having shows everywhere.

Photo of Lana Lee

Lana Lee

From La Jolla (Student)

My dream is to become a pediatrician and to work in third-world countries. I’ve wanted to do that since I was five. The dream kind of just came about one day. I realized that a lot of people needed help and instead of adding to the negative side of things, I could add to the positive.

Photo of Dave Moore, Jr.

Dave Moore, Jr.

From Downtown (Freelance Writer)

My dream is to become financially stable so I can chase all of my dreams and goals. I’m conscious of it most of my waking hours.

Photo of Shengdar Lee, PhD

Shengdar Lee, PhD

From Hillcrest (Engineer/Writer)

To become an accomplished person while making some contributions to society. I just completed a book that will change a lot of things in Chinese literature and Chinese education. It’s called Poems for Learning Orthodox and Simplified Chinese Characters. I describe the Chinese characters with poems. This has never been done before. It will help people to understand the meanings and the construction of the characters.

Photo of Brian Kim

Brian Kim

From Clairemont Mesa (Field Manager)

My dream is that one day the world will be the way that we worked for and wanted it to be — instead of the way that it is, and the one that we’ve earned. I hope that we can wake up in a world one day that’s the world that we worked and dreamed for, rather than the one that we created.


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