When's the last time you were really scared?

Asked by Jane Belanger

June 29, 2011

Photo of Jay Baker

Jay Baker

From Bonita (Carpenter)

About three nights ago I went out my front door and there was this little bug crawling down the wall. My wife goes, “What is that behind the tiki?” It was a scorpion! Right outside my front door! I live in a place where there shouldn’t be scorpions. It actually scared me because it was so close to the front door. It could have crawled right in. I’ve been checking my shoes every morning.

Photo of Jordan Custodia

Jordan Custodia

From Normal Heights (Student)

About two weeks ago I noticed some people checking out our neighborhood, like they wanted to break into some places. It seemed like they were scoping it out. I’m pretty protective of the house.... I worked myself up and couldn’t sleep. I stayed awake all night long.

Photo of Julie Cornett

Julie Cornett

From Bishop (Librarian)

It was when I was climbing up this mountain a few weeks ago. The mountains where I live have really steep pitches. It was just like some shaley, steep stuff in the White Mountains. There’s no trail.... I think I’m realizing that I have self-preservation tendencies more prevalent in me lately. And when I was climbing, the bigness of it was just nauseating.

Photo of Arturo Gandarilla

Arturo Gandarilla

From San Ysidro (Canvasser)

About two years ago I witnessed a hit-and-run — it was my sister who got hit. We were walking, coming out of a club in Tijuana. We were both pretty messed up, crossing the street. She survived it, but she was in the hospital for, like, five months. That’s definitely the scariest moment of my life.


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