Most embarrasing moment?

Asked by Jane Belanger

July 6, 2011

Photo of Ryan Bacchia

Ryan Bacchia

From Mission Valley (English Professor)

One time I left my car running in the garage of the house I was living in. We were hanging out upstairs and we started to smell gas. Nobody knew what it was. My friend and I called the gas company. Then I realized, “Oh, yeah! I left my car running in the garage!” To be fair, it was a house where everybody had to move their cars all the time, back and forth out of this driveway.... I realized when we were kind of looking through the house — I realized that I had left my car on after a couple hours had gone by.

Photo of AnneMarie Ruelas

AnneMarie Ruelas

From North Park (Salon Coordinator)

One time during high school we were having a big ol’ pep rally during homecoming in the middle of the quad. Some of us were standing up by the stage and my boyfriend thought he was cool, so he tried to hold me on his shoulders but instead he completely flopped me on the ground in front of everybody. It was a rainy day, so I was covered in mud. Everybody was, like, “Ha-ha!” It’s my worst memory of high school. I didn’t get hurt, but I broke up with him because of that. He was so immature!

Photo of Marcos Escamilla

Marcos Escamilla

From North Park (Verizon Rep)

I surf, and one day I was wearing a pair of trunks that were kind of small on me. As I was surfing, I felt them split right down the back. What could I do? I didn’t have a spare, so I just kept right on surfing.

Photo of Gustavo Carranze

Gustavo Carranze

From City Heights (Student)

One time I was throwing wood over a fence with my friend and my cousin. We were all throwing the wood over, and then I threw the last piece and it hit a car. All of a sudden — BEEP! BEEP! — the alarm started going off. Then my mom made us go pick up all the wood on the other side of the fence. The car wasn’t hurt or anything, it just made the alarm go off.


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