What do you deny yourself?

Asked by Jane Belanger

January 19, 2011

Photo of Kyle Wassom

Kyle Wassom

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Grad Student)

Impulsive buys. I make myself think about it for a while. I leave the store and come back if I still want it — I usually wait a couple days as a general rule of thumb.

Photo of Sean Forbes

Sean Forbes

From Carmel Valley (Student)

Dessert. I actually deny myself that because I don’t want to get fat; I gotta keep my trim figure.

Photo of Brien Moynihan

Brien Moynihan

From Carmel Valley (Student)

Smoking. I haven’t [smoked] for, like, eight months or so. I didn’t really smoke that much — just once in a while. But now I’m cutting it out completely.

Photo of Moises Acuña

Moises Acuña

From National City (Government Worker)

Right now I’m trying to deny myself certain foods. Mostly carbohydrates because it makes me balloon when I eat that stuff. It makes my weight go up too fast.

Photo of Nico D’Amico-Barbour

Nico D’Amico-Barbour

From Bird Rock (Aspiring Shipyard Worker)

I deny myself certain fatty foods that I really want sometimes. Like pie. Pie is the worst thing man ever invented. Pie needs to go away. There’s a lot of things I’m going to try to deny myself in the new year, like staying up too late and watching too much TV.

Photo of Ibrahim Fardan

Ibrahim Fardan

From Marina District (Education Worker)

I deny myself forbidden things according to my faith [Muslim]. I don’t drink alcohol, I’m basically what you’d call celibate, and I don’t eat pork. Just following the scriptures.


Mindy Ross Jan. 20, 2011 @ 12:30 a.m.

I deny myself a good husband. I've got serious issues with men. I've had actual winners interested in me, even into my 40s, and I sabotaged every relationship, and then ended up with a loser. I finally gave up. These days, the only hard body sleeping next to me is my sixty-pound pit bull, Gus.


SurfPuppy619 Jan. 20, 2011 @ 7:12 p.m.

Good move-too much brain damage with BF/GF issues.

My pups sleep all over the house-and always take up the bed-especially my pit bull, she will ALWAYS sneak on to the middle of the counch (where I was stretched out) whenever I get up to do something-she is a sneak!


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