Have you been affected by the economy?

Asked by Jane Belanger

October 27, 2010

Photo of Julie Faumuina

Julie Faumuina

From Oceanside (Preschool Director)

Some people can get affected in a positive way. My dad always said that in his generation you were judged by what you say. In this generation we’re judged by how much we spend. Some people have had to learn that you don’t need everything on the face of the Earth. You shop for just what you need; you spend time with your family. I work with children; people are actually having to be more of the parent rather than just paying other people to do it. The money’s not endless.

Photo of Annette Gilbert

Annette Gilbert

From El Cajon (Teacher)

Absolutely. I’m a teacher. We’ve had budget cuts. We’re taking five furlough days this year. It’s been tough. We have Columbus Day off this year for the first time ever — ever — and I’ve been there 25 years. I love having it off, but I don’t like not getting paid for it. This year has been the worst. I’m worried about the economy. Are we ever going to go back to the way it used to be?

Photo of Paul Piercy

Paul Piercy

From Mission Valley (Unemployed)

We moved out here three or four months ago from Missouri. I moved out here to be a sales rep. The job I was supposed to have transferred, and it’s been kind of hard. Now I have to get a job somewhere else. I’m actually waiting to hear about a job tomorrow. Hopefully it works out.

Photo of Patty Murphy

Patty Murphy

From Santee (Hair Color Specialist)

Yes. I’m a hairdresser. People are going longer between cuts. If they don’t have money, I don’t have money. I’m a colorist, so, thank God I still have my clientele that is still employed and their hair has to look good for their job. But I don’t have the college girls that I used to have.

Photo of Tom Foster

Tom Foster

From Little Italy (Realtor)

Anybody who tells you they haven’t been affected by the economy is lying to you. If you’re economically successful, you own real estate. Anybody who’s economically successful has been negatively affected by the economy because the value of their real estate has gone down.

Photo of Nicole Gilbert

Nicole Gilbert

From San Carlos (Financial Advisor)

Yes, but positively, because I’m a financial advisor. When a lot of people lose their jobs, they need to roll over their 401(k)s.


Joe Poutous Nov. 3, 2010 @ 10:59 a.m.

I watched as my neighbor was foreclosed on. Helpless.

I watched as my co-workers were laid off.

I absorbed the jobs of 3 people.

I took a pay cut.

I work more hours for less.


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