Is there a word you use that others don't know the meaning to?

Asked by Jane Belanger

October 6, 2010

Photo of Nicole Flores

Nicole Flores

From East Village (Event Manager)

"Slor.” It means slutbag-whore. I heard it from my friend. It’s still fairly new; it’s just now beginning to hit the mainstream.

Photo of Brianna Guiher

Brianna Guiher

From North Park (Unemployed)

There’s a lot of words — “Smashin’.” People say that, but they don’t know why I say it. If someone asks me a question, I’ll just be, like, “I’m smashin’.” There’s a lot of different meanings. If someone’s telling me something I don’t like, I say, “Smash!”

Photo of Brooke Noel

Brooke Noel

From Applegate, Oregon (Student)

I say, “Awesome, possum!” And people are, like, “What does that mean?” Or I’ll say, “Yeppers, peppers!” or “Sweet, feet!” It’s actually starting to stick. People are starting to say “awesome, possum” and “fo’ sho’.” People in Oregon never said that. They’re starting to catch on to my wordage.

Photo of Flavio Scorsato

Flavio Scorsato

From Bay Park (Photographer)

‘ISO.' It means the sensibility of the camera. Most people don’t know the meaning of that. It’s an abbreviation that means the sensibility of the speed of the film. It used to be ASA and now it’s ISO. They changed it a few years ago.

Photo of Mel Flohr

Mel Flohr

From Rancho San Diego (Business Manager)

‘Smooofs.' We have it on our license plate. In art school we used to say it. It actually derives from an art teacher that we had. He was from China, and everything he said was plural. “You need to smooofs out the lines in your paintings. You need to make the lines more smoofs.”

Photo of Hilary Kearny

Hilary Kearny

From Clairemont (Professional Services Assistant)

‘Eskihos.' The girls who wear the Ugg boots. We call them “eskihos.” But everybody probably knows what that is.


Ponzi Oct. 7, 2010 @ 12:53 p.m.

Nice, the hot women are back in Off The Cuff!


Robert Johnston Oct. 9, 2010 @ 10:56 p.m.

Here's a eight-pack of terms for you:

1) "Smokehead": Somebody who is terminally addicted to tobacco use. As in constantly bugging friends and family for money to get a pack of cigarettes (if not any spare cigs the person has), or rummaging through ashtrays looking for "long butts" to tide them over. If they do not get their fix--very unpleasant to be around.

2) "Suckwadd": A person who performs fellatio, be it for pleasure or pay. A common cussword up in the San Joaquin Valley.

3) "Normie": A perjorative term for a non-mental health client, usually referring to those whose ignorance regarding Mental Health Issues is compounded by a mis-guided attempt to "do something."

4) "Cigarette Economy": Used in prison slang to refer to the underground barter market, with cigarettes being the currency of that economy. Also used in board-and-care facilities, which is why cigar and pipe smokers (and non-smokers) are not too welcome among the residents.

5) "Spread 'em and moan": a term that usually refers to a girl who fakes sexual pleasure to please her partner. Also refers to a "loose woman" in a derogatory fashion ("'Ol Spread-'em-and-moan just got on the board last night).

6) "Take Him To Small-Claims Court For Male Fraud!": What a partner really desires to do when the "man" they are having a relationship with isn't "virile" enough to suit them.

7) "Size Of Engine In Truck Is Inverse To Size Of Engine On Man." Often refers to those boors who "run & gun" their high-performance vehicle to impress somebody. Usually implies their "gear" is cocktail-weenie sized.

8) "Dancing In Front Of A Claymore Mine While Playing With The Detonator SWitch": Terminal self-destructive behavior. A Claymore mine is a 1-2 pound block of C-4 plastic explosive with hundreds of steel balls imbedded. It usually is "command-detonated" via an electronic detonator, and the result of being in the path of those explosive-driven balls is, to say the least, splatter-movie material.



MsGrant Oct. 10, 2010 @ 7:50 p.m.

"For the snark was a boojum, you see."

Lewis Carroll


Rocket_J_Squirrel Oct. 10, 2010 @ 10:52 p.m.


Thas' me!!!

come a little closer.....


Joe Poutous Oct. 11, 2010 @ 2:39 p.m.

Um.... No, a Slor is the form that Gozer took during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants.

"Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!"

  • Louis, Ghostbusters.

MsGrant Oct. 11, 2010 @ 3:18 p.m.

It that a Rocket in your pocket, Squirrely?

Nice work, Tiki.


Rocket_J_Squirrel Oct. 12, 2010 @ 3:05 p.m.

unfortunately for ME, it's more like a roll of Certs ("sniff!!!")

("boody - hoody!!!")



Founder Oct. 11, 2010 @ 5:12 p.m.

Phobogger A Phony Blogger, someone that is getting paid and or promoting Spin to disrupt a blog discussion.


MsGrant Oct. 11, 2010 @ 5:24 p.m.

Phobogger is something I would hate to find in my soup.


Founder Oct. 11, 2010 @ 5:38 p.m.

Unless it was ♨ "chunky" primordial soup

Umm, Umm, Good...


MsGrant Oct. 11, 2010 @ 5:39 p.m.

And I would have to eat it with a fork?


Founder Oct. 11, 2010 @ 5:41 p.m.

I'd suggest a KNIFE or straw if you are timid

Think mobile sushi


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