What do you love to do?

Asked by Jane Belanger

June 30, 2010

Photo of Marlin Dockery

Marlin Dockery

From La Mesa (Tattoo Artist)

Make tattoos and watch baseball; put pretty pictures on people. I was painting graffiti for years; started getting in trouble with the law. It wasn’t worth it. My friend got sentenced to four years for painting graffiti in Massachusetts. I was, like, “It’s not worth it. I gotta start doing something productive.” So I started painting and then I got an apprenticeship and started tattooing. I still paint all the time. Mostly watercolors now. Watercolors and tattooing are the two mediums that I ­use.

Photo of Tiffanie Bridge

Tiffanie Bridge

From Corona (Student)

Hang out with family. Go to the beach — Mission Beach and La Jolla. La Jolla’s more for pictures, Mission’s more of a party crowd, more playin’ around. We love to go to baseball games, Padres games. Swim, shop. Snowboard’s a big one. We go to Colorado to go ­snowboarding.

Photo of Bill Spradley

Bill Spradley

From Solana Beach (Retired)

Golf. We love to golf. We travel in our motor home and take our clubs on vacation. We go a lot of places. I played years and years ago, and then I quit for years because it was time-consuming and expensive. Before I retired I wanted to get back into it, and I went and got clubs. Then [my wife] said, “Well I might as well try it too.” So we went and got her clubs, and we’ve been playing. It’s great to do it ­together.

Photo of Ronnie Dudek

Ronnie Dudek

From La Costa (Web Events Manager)

I love to play music. I play guitar, a little piano, I sing. I’m in a band; it’s called Years Around the Sun. We just got a bunch of songs in a movie, and we’re recording an album. It’s ­exciting.

Photo of Susan Daniel

Susan Daniel

From Leucadia (In-Home Caregiver)

I love to swim and go in the water at the beach. About two or three times a week, I get down there. In the summer I go most every day. I’ve always lived right by the ocean here, from Del Mar to Carlsbad. I grew up in Leucadia, and I live in Leucadia now, just two blocks from the beach. The beach is my home. I just love it. It’s my retreat. When I was a kid we used to swim way out. We used to swim out so far the lifeguards would get mad at us. Now, with the sharks, it’s a little scary. I don’t go out so far. I had a friend get bit by a shark last year, and I heard about three or four more instances lately. But people love the water so much…we don’t care after awhile.

Photo of Jeremy Elam

Jeremy Elam

From Spring Valley (Security)

I love physical activity of any kind, like paintballing or…I don’t know what else I really do. I go paintballing out in Jamul just, like, at my friends’ houses and stuff like that. They have indoor paintball too. There are different types of paintballing. They have tournaments. There’s, like, speedball, then they have forest ball…they have all different types of everything. I’ve never competed before but I have friends that do and I’ve played with them, so I guess I could. It just costs a lot of money, and I’m ­poor.


MsGrant July 2, 2010 @ 3:18 p.m.

Eat. Hike. Eat. Bike. Eat. Read. Eat. Drink. Not necessarily in that order.


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