When’s the last time somebody ticked you off?

Asked by Jane Belanger

June 23, 2010

Photo of John Smith

John Smith

From College Area (Pet Groomer)

I don’t get very worked up. When I was young, my brother stole my driver’s license to go drink. And then he got it confiscated and I had to get a new driver’s license. That’s probably one of the few times I’ve gotten pretty mad. He thought it was, like, no big deal. But I wouldn’t give it to him in the first place, and then he stole it. And he didn’t pay for a new one!

Photo of Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes

From Menlo Park (Retired)

It was in the parking lot of Whole Foods. I opened my car door —we have a new car and so it’s kind of stiff. So, I opened the door and it tapped — tapped! — the car next to me. It turned out there was a man sitting in that car. He was furious with me. He said, “That was awful! That was terrible!” And he went on and on for about four minutes about how awful it was. It made me feel so bad, and that made me really angry that he did that to me. It took me a whole day to get rid of that, to get rid of those bad vibes.

Photo of Jamar White

Jamar White

From Emerald Hills (Serviceman)

Acouple weeks ago. I just got back from Afghanistan, so I’m mad all the time [laughs]. I just got back a few days ago. Really, it’s just hot over there all the time, so people get on my nerves — because it’s hot. Certain people get on my nerves by asking stupid questions.

Photo of Roxanne De Palma

Roxanne De Palma

From Cardiff (Holistic Health Practitioner)

Well, here’s the deal with that: nobody ticks me off. I let myself get unbalanced and react. The last time I let myself get unbalanced and react was about 45 minutes ago. There was a miscommunication, and I reacted instead of responding appropriately to it. I reacted instead of doing the right thing, which was a little bit of a bash on my ego to do the right thing because I didn’t get my way — even though I knew it was the right thing to do.

Photo of Lyndsey Cohick

Lyndsey Cohick

From Ocean Beach (Communications Graduate)

Probably driving yesterday. I don’t like drivers who don’t know where they’re going. It’s just a pet peeve. I always know where I’m going, so it ticks me off when people don’t know where they’re going. I don’t give people the bird or anything like that. I just get frustrated when people are driving slow and I know where I’m going. I’m, like, “Please move!”

Photo of Skylar Mercuie

Skylar Mercuie

From North Park (Census Taker)

Earlier today, actually. We had a presentation at school and some guy was…he was very ignorant about what he was speaking about. It angered me, but that’s how he felt, so…I mean, that was his opinion on it. But it just aggravated me because it was something that was completely against what I believe. It’s still lingering.


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