How green are you?

Asked by Jane Belanger

June 9, 2010

Photo of Bill De Coste

Bill De Coste

From North Park (Solutions Architect)

None. I don’t think there’s a reason to be green. By the time we’ve ruined the planet, we’ll have figured out a way to get off of it and go somewhere else. Global warming? Really? One plus one equals three. Tell me the reason why you have no reason to believe that one plus one doesn’t equal three. There’s no evidence at all for global warming. Zero ­evidence.

Photo of Kori Neessen

Kori Neessen

From South Park (Student)

We try to grow our own vegetables; we recycle. We have tomatoes and about a hundred pepper plants; we have chives, parsley, basil, some other stuff. We eat primarily organic; we eat a lot of vegetables. We only take the trash out about once every two weeks, recycling about twice a week. We do abuse water, though. We take long showers — but it’s a low-flow showerhead that came in recycled plastic and cardboard. And I take the bus, and we recycle the bag that the newspaper comes in as a dog-poop ­bag.

Photo of Joanna Ritchie

Joanna Ritchie

From East County (Vet Tech)

I would say very green. At least I try to be. Although I know my carbon footprint has increased since I moved back to California because of my driving; it’s the only way to really get around here. I try to reduce the amount of waste that I produce. I can get it down to a grocery bag, like, every two weeks. If you think about how everything is recyclable, you know, you have that mentality. Then, when you buy things, you’re more aware of that and you alter your choices to have that kind of lifestyle. My friends and I were green even in high school. We started an environmental science ­club.

Photo of Jiksa Degise

Jiksa Degise

From Normal Heights (Student)

recycle. I get my five cents per can. I take them in; I get the money for ’em. I take them in every couple months. I don’t drink that much — so I don’t have that many bottles or cans — but I end up getting, like, seven, eight bucks each time. It works for me; plus it’s helping the environment. That’s about how far it ­goes.

Photo of Kourtnie Bridge

Kourtnie Bridge

From North Park (Student)

I am [green]! At school they teach me how to recycle. They teach us how to save water. Sometimes you can conserve water by putting bottles in the toilet, and it saves a lot of water. And they teach us to turn off the water when you brush your teeth and to only take a five-minute shower. I only take five-minute showers and I’m ­out!

Photo of Robin Simmons

Robin Simmons

From MIra Mesa (Retail Manager)

think I’m really green. I love that they’re going to pass this law where you have to pay to get a bag at the store. They just talked about it on NPR this morning. Schwarzenegger’s office said he would sign it if it gets that far. So, I try really hard and I think of myself as really green, but then I’ll notice that I’m in the shower for a long time. There’s little things: I don’t take bags when I’m in the grocery store; I grow a lot of my own vegetables; I’m a vegetarian, so I’m not eating meat. But I do drive 30 minutes to work. There are things that are contradictory, but I ­try.


Joe Poutous June 11, 2010 @ 8:44 a.m.

So Bill, you do believe that we are wrecking the environment... But you don't care because you figure we will all just be able to leave to another planet?

It worked in WALL-E.. sounds reasonable to me.

  • Joe

bdecoste June 12, 2010 @ 11:38 a.m.

I think the planet will be fine with or without us. The media is beyond arrogant. I heard a Nobel physicist in 1990 tell me the world was headed to an ice age (which I believe because it as plenty of actual evidence). Now we have Al Gore (who can't find his way out of a paper bag) telling the media and all the drones that we have global warming, wrecking the planet, blah, blah. All the green idiots need to go take a physics class and pass.


a2zresource June 12, 2010 @ 12:37 p.m.

Zero evidence of solutions from the solution architect.

Now, it is possible to do what Bill says, but there won't be any positive results until the number of us off this rock is on the order of billions. How we do that is left unsaid by the solution architect, but apparently that's not in his area of operation. On the other hand it IS slightly better than advocating feral anarchism until most of us starve to death.

Like I said, zero evidence...


a2zresource June 12, 2010 @ 1 p.m.

"All the green idiots need to go take a physics class and pass."

And we could do without the individuals on the other side as well who've allegedly taken three semesters of calculus-based Physics I/II/III but brain-flushed since then.

The problem with the ones who passed all of them (and possible retained something about the dynamics of atmospheric conditions modeling rendered in four dimensions) is that as far as their individual mathematical ability to satisfactorily comprehend the constructs, their kung fu is weak.


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