What's your most memorable meal?

Asked by Jane Belanger

January 20, 2010

Photo of Dave Brummert

Dave Brummert

From North Park (Health Food Specialist)

It could be Thanksgiving this year. I cooked! I don’t cook very often, but I cooked for Thanksgiving this year. I live with two vegetarians. So they’re, like, “Well, we don’t want to do turkey, but we’re not strictly opposed to doing some sort of a meat.” And I was, like, “I don’t want to do a Tofurkey.” So we did duck. We settled on duck. I made a honey-roasted duck with mango and a blackberry and yuzu sauce. We made some salad, vegetables. We did butternut squash and butternut squash soup. It kind of felt like Iron Chef a little bit at the end of the day.

Photo of Don Williams

Don Williams

From Pacific Beach (Retired)

Oh, sweet-potato pie. I went to buy one at the store, and they were too expensive. I said, “I’m not gonna pay that!” So I went home and I made my own sweet-potato pie. I got a recipe and reduced the sugar so it’s not too sweet. I don’t know if that’s a meal, but it was memorable!

Photo of Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez

From North Park (Stylist)

Actually, I just had a meal last summer that was pretty amazing. It was at this place called the Bazaar in L.A. It was with a mentor and good friend of mine, Stephanie. We had the most amazing meal. It was the trippiest thing ever. All the food’s been gastronomized. It’s been broken down. Like, olives in the martini weren’t really real olives — they used to be olives that were, like, formed into an olive. So when you bite into it, it just evaporates in your mouth. There was foie gras that was wrapped in cotton candy. When you ate it, it was like chocolate — like the best chocolate ever. There was a cotton-candy mojito, too.

Photo of Ellen Schnoor

Ellen Schnoor

From Marina District (Bartender)

My husband and I went to the San Diego Food and Wine Festival a few years ago, and it was really memorable with all the wines and the different foods. We got a taste of all of San Diego. It was really nice, out in Seaport Village in the park there. They give you a glass when you enter the event, and then you take it to the different booths. But then you also get food. My husband and I, we enjoyed that.

Photo of Jean Hedges

Jean Hedges

From Raleigh, NC (formerly of College Area) (Mortgage Lender)

Fish tacos in Ensenada; right off the harbor. They pull the boats in, and they cook the fish in front of you. It couldn’t be fresher! And second would be Italian food in San Francisco.


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