Which year would you go to if you could travel through time?

Asked by Jane Belanger

February 17, 2010

Photo of Yulia Solovko

Yulia Solovko

From Mission Valley (Esthetician)

I would go to when I was 19. You’re already grown up; you do all the crazy stuff that grownups do, but you still don’t have as much worry. You know how to relax. You have fun. It’s not just money, money, money — you don’t think about it. I think I would do some things differently but, in general, I don’t regret anything. I traveled a lot, I partied, and I had fun. A good combination of things.

Photo of Keith Kelly

Keith Kelly

From Downtown (Candy Man)

I know what I’d say if I had the chance to do it all over again, but I know I’d make the same mistakes I made the first time. I guess I would travel to the year before my mother died, to spend more time with her. My mother died in ’01.

Photo of Becky Chait

Becky Chait

From Bonita (Court Interpreter)

I think it would be my early teens. I come from a very big family. We all used to come home from school, and each one of us had many, many friends. So, there was always, like, 20 people at my house. We used to get on the roof and jump in the swimming pool. Basically, it was the neighborhood house. My mother had big pots of food for everybody. She treated everybody like they were her children. So, that was a very happy time for me because it was just very free and without cares.

Photo of Rebecca Leisorek

Rebecca Leisorek

From Bonita (Barista)

I have to say when I found out I was adopted. I think I was five. My mom explained everything to me. It was just very special. For a five-year-old to grasp all that and understand how much you’re loved.… I’d have to say that was the best time.

Photo of Michael Dombroski

Michael Dombroski

From Little Italy (Chiropractor)

I would go to 1969 because that’s when I was born. It just seems like it was a really cool year. Things were definitely at a creative peak… y’know, man landed on the moon. I would really just want to see what was going on with my parents around the time I was conceived — that energy. Most of the patterns that a person develops in their life — from conception, what the family goes through, up until about age four — are, like, 85 percent of what a person repeats for the rest of their lives. So, to be present and see what was going on at that time would be really invaluable. I’d want to know about that.

Photo of Zach Feetz

Zach Feetz

From Kensington (DJ)

Nineteen eighty-eight. I was born that year. I’d go, not necessarily to start all over, but to get more of a perspective of what it was like, because I don’t really remember.


David Dodd Feb. 20, 2010 @ 12:59 p.m.

"Which year would you go to if you could travel through time?"

Right here, right now. You can't escape the past by living in the future and you can't avoid the future by living in the past. I like here and now just fine.


SDaniels Feb. 20, 2010 @ 4:39 p.m.

I'm fine with the here and now, too. But to answer the question, I'd travel to whatever year in the future that they have firmly and forever resolved, with full cure for, all inflammatory and auto-imune diseases. I'd make a visit to a doctor, then throw a huge and fabulous party with the stock market proceeds I earned on my travels to the future and back. ;)


antigeekess Feb. 20, 2010 @ 9:08 p.m.

I'll take 1876. Weitra, Austria.

(I'm going to try to keep Klara Polzl as far away from Alois Hitler as possible. How? Not sure.)


SDaniels Feb. 21, 2010 @ 1:21 a.m.

Good answer, AG. I'd say pull a Back to the Future style act, where you end up staying at Klara's parents' house as a school friend or something, and influence her life in certain ways like: Get her to smoke, drink, ditch school, and go out late with boys because like, if she doesn't, she isn't cool. Incest is like totally NOT cool. Neither is being a subservient maid, or listening to your elders. ;)


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