What keeps you up at night?

Asked by Jane Belanger

February 3, 2010

Photo of Jacob Miranda

Jacob Miranda

From North Park (Valet)

The thought of having to do — and think about — more schoolwork ahead of me. I’m actually studying nursing. So, pretty much school keeps me up at night because I’m always stressed out about having to study more and more and just keep up with everything. It’s been hard to go to school and keep a day job like this.

Photo of Rosa Ruiz

Rosa Ruiz

From Ocean View (Student)

Probably, like, situations that are going on. Things that you always think about that just get you thinking. You want to think and think and you just can’t sleep!

Photo of Ian Osterberg

Ian Osterberg

From Escondido (Firefighter)

It’s probably just thinking about stuff that’s gonna happen the next day — thinking about stuff that’s going on and stressing about it. If there’s something big going on, like tests or a job interview — a test to study for or job interviews will definitely keep me up at night…the anxiety.

Photo of Chandra Osterberg

Chandra Osterberg

From Escondido (Server)

Usually just staying up too late the night before. My biggest problem is that I stay up too late and then it’s just kind of a downward cycle; I’m not tired the next night. I need to not sleep in too late, or else I’m not tired, but it’s still 11 o’clock. My husband’s always telling me that I need to go to bed earlier. That, and just kind of destressing from work. I’m a server and I work a lot of nights. When I get home from work, my brain’s still going crazy and I’m still serving tables. I just need to get out of the work mode.

Photo of Allison Zeman

Allison Zeman

From Escondido (Firefighter)

I have a hard time sleeping. Most of the time I probably just can’t shut off my mind. It just keeps going and going at night. That’s the biggest thing, I think. You lay there and think about the day and what you need to do in the next day — and just stuff throughout the day.

Photo of Alex Madrid

Alex Madrid

From Linda Vista (Musician)

Worrying about tomorrow — like work and living situations. The future. Like making music happen…making everything happen!


Joe Poutous Feb. 5, 2010 @ 8:51 a.m.

Insomnia. Insomnia is what keeps me up at night.


Rocket_J_Squirrel Feb. 11, 2010 @ 12:19 a.m.

Bullwinkle sleeping. He snores, farts (must be the refried bean diet), and says "ooohhhhh, magicsfive!" all night long.


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