What was your top moment of 2010?

Asked by Jane Belanger

December 19, 2010

Photo of Anne Lee

Anne Lee

From Irvine (Energy Program Manager)

Probably kayaking in Hawaii on the Big Island. It was a guided tour led by a group of native Hawaiians. I learned a lot of history and ecology. It was my whole family; we got to take my niece and nephew out and my niece is only three and they allowed her to go. That was pretty magical.

Photo of David Caldwell

David Caldwell

From South Park (Contractor)

My son started school for the first time — kindergarten. It’s a big moment. You get to see this little person that you created kind of march off. It’s harder on moms and dads than it is on the kids. To watch them make their own friends...that would be the top one.

Photo of Byron Dawson

Byron Dawson

From South Park (Conflict Resolution Coordinator)

Sending my son to college. This is his first year. It was the top moment of my life, to send my son to the school that he wanted to go to. He wanted to go to that school, and the success of my year was being able to put him there.

Photo of Gris Alves

Gris Alves

From Bankers Hill (Criminal Investigator)

I think the whole year’s been really good for me. Just hanging out in the summer, hanging out with the kids, not doing anything. We’ve been through so much...lost the house and totally downsized in ’09. It’s been really good in 2010 to see how lame we were before in trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Photo of Daniel Masterson

Daniel Masterson

From North Park (Production Assistant)

My top moment of 2010 is being able to live in a house with another person and make a home out of it. I haven’t had that in the past ten or so years. I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 17. I haven’t had a home in a long time. 2010 has been amazing because I’ve been able to share my life with someone and make a home.

Photo of David Kelly

David Kelly

From South Park (Computer Technician)

It’d probably be easier to come up with a bottom five! Anything’s that not in the bottom five would be my top moment.


Evelyn Jan. 3, 2011 @ 3:45 p.m.

moving out of my mama's house, simply for the pure independence, unfiltered independence i know have. (not that my mama's evil or a bad mother, not even close) otherwise, 2010 was a dud.


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