How many songs do you know all the words to?

Asked by Josh Board

September 9, 2009

Photo of Shannon DiPari

Shannon DiPari

From San Marcos (Chemist)

At least one song by Pearl Jam. That one that’s a cover of the old ’50s song and goes “Oh where, oh where, can my baby be/ The Lord took her away from me.” I sang it to my daughter all the time. I think I know hundreds of songs, but when I’m at karaoke, I realize I don’t know all the words. I know all the words to Weezer songs and probably 50 songs by the Counting Crows.

Photo of Michelle Arnes

Michelle Arnes

From Carlsbad (Business owner)

I know numerous songs from Prince and the Scorpions. Probably every song they do, as they’re my two favorites. If you’re talking about all the words all the way through…probably not all their songs, but most. I like “Take Me With You” by Prince the best. With his songs, it’s funny because in concert I saw him, and he took out all the naughty words. It’s because he’s a Jehovah’s Witness.

Photo of Heather Dierolf

Heather Dierolf

From San Marcos (Special ed teacher)

I think I know all the lyrics to lots of songs. But, actually, probably about a dozen. Problem is that I don’t pay attention to most songs. I like the music, like the beats, catch the chorus, but the rest is just a mystery. When I was young, I used to study songs so I could learn the words. That’s why I know the words to some old songs, like the Eagles’ “Hotel California” and the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil.” My music tastes have changed. Now I prefer the free flow of R&B. My favorite artist at this time is India.Arie. She is poetic, hip, fun, and has lots to say. I want to learn the words to her songs.

Photo of Dusty Thedle

Dusty Thedle

From Hillcrest (Between jobs)

I don’t know any songs all the way through. Not even nursery rhymes. Okay, I think I know “The Alphabet Song.” Guns ’N Roses are my favorite band, and even songs on Appetite for Destruction or Use Your Illusion, I know the chorus and the lyrics in the beginning, but there are parts I don’t know. The song I sing at karaoke is “Ring of Fire.” And while I’m singing, I have to keep looking at the monitor.

Photo of Leslie Catanese

Leslie Catanese

From Serra Mesa (Production assistant)

I know at least 40 or 50. I’m totally into movie soundtracks, so I know a lot of songs from films, especially if they’re musicals. I think a lot of people probably know many of the songs from a show like Grease, but I’m into a lot of the musicals, even the ones that can be cheesy. One of my favorites is The Little Shop of Horrors. You can’t beat that dentist song. My favorite karaoke song is “Brand New Key.” Obviously, I know the words to that.

Photo of Joe Leonard

Joe Leonard

From Clairemont (Photographer)

I’m not sure. Obviously, everyone knows the words to songs like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” If a song is on the radio, I can sing along to it. It feels like I know all the words. But if the music wasn’t playing along with it, I probably wouldn’t know the lyrics. My favorite bands are the Beatles, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay. With the Beatles, I probably know a good amount of their songs. I might only know all the words to two or three songs by the other bands.


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