What do you wish adults understood about kids?

Asked by Josh Board

May 27, 2009

Photo of Savanah Shipp

Savanah Shipp

From Granite Hills (JV Cheerleader)

There’s so much, I don’t even know where to begin. One thing would be regarding boyfriends. My dad thinks if I have a boyfriend, that unless he’s been introduced to him, he’s not really my boyfriend. He tells me that I’m just lying to myself and that I don’t really have a boyfriend. He keeps saying the guy is not real.

Photo of Sam Freeman

Sam Freeman

From El Cajon (Little League player)

They sometimes don’t understand about your space.... They come in your room when you’re doing stuff. I could be playing video games, doing homework, or whatever. They’ll just barge in, usually without knocking first. They even put a video camera in there, like I bought a bottle of whiskey or something.

Photo of Jack Grisez

Jack Grisez

From El Cajon (Student)

Well, when I’m watching videos on YouTube, it might be nice to have a little privacy. They sometimes sneak up on me to see what I’m doing. I’ve caught them doing that, like, five times. I get mad and have to go walk around and calm myself down.

Photo of Garrett Nurse

Garrett Nurse

From El Cajon (Student)

I think the main thing they don’t understand is that kids just want their space. Parents don’t give it to you. Sometimes my parents don’t trust me when I say I’m doing my homework by myself. And I’m always doing it. Well…most of the time I am. I think that’s the only thing adults don’t understand. They don’t always trust us.

Photo of Luis Bjorg

Luis Bjorg

From Ramona (Maintenance and Gardening)

I used to work at a lot of school campuses, and the amount of time kids would throw trash in the bushes or walk across flower beds… it drove us nuts. But if we talked to the parents, they believed their children. It always seemed to be the parents against the administration or that maintenance crews and gardeners were lying to get their precious kids in trouble. I wish what parents understood about kids is that they lie.

Photo of Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia

From National City (Soccer Player)

I don’t think they understand all the ways they embarrass us. My mom will drive me to school and yell if I forgot something like my jacket. At my soccer games, I hate if my dad starts yelling. He doesn’t yell bad things, just for me to do good. I get embarrassed, though. I also don’t want my mom pulling up right in front of the school to pick me up. She doesn’t understand why I want her to park farther down the street.


rickeysays May 27, 2009 @ 6:17 p.m.

Come on parents, let your teen boys have a little privacy! It's either that or wet dreams and long showers.


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