What's your guilty pleasure?

Asked by Josh Board

May 20, 2009

Photo of Rob Huber

Rob Huber

From Fallbrook (State of California)

I love old horror movies. I like to sit down and watch them late at night. And so many of them are beyond bad. I especially like the Vincent Price movies. I only own four or five videos of those types of horror films, but I’m always staying up and watching them.

Photo of Dean Lecrone

Dean Lecrone

From Vista (Cartoonist)

My guilty pleasure is the double-stuffed Oreo cookie. I like them because they are thicker. And I dip those suckers in milk for three seconds, then devour the cookie like a man in the desert that hasn’t eaten in three days.

Photo of Julie Coffman

Julie Coffman

From San Diego (Vocalist)

Rock of Love. The Brett Michaels show, with that love bus. It’s just such a train wreck. The skank factor is quite high. I wasn’t really a fan of Poison, although I did like that song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” And there might’ve been another fast song I liked. I just got sucked into watching that show and couldn’t stop.

Photo of Olivia Pereira

Olivia Pereira

From Shelter Island (Waitress)

I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I’m thinking, and I just can’t come up with something I’m ashamed to admit I like. I guess the reality show Biggest Loser. I enjoy watching the competitions; those different battles they have. And the scale at the end that they weigh themselves on. Gillian is my favorite trainer. I liked the son and dad for the longest time. I don’t see a lot of movies or watch much TV, so this show is my guilty pleasure.

Photo of Melissa Mahoney

Melissa Mahoney

From Golden Hill (Animal Care Specialist)

I have lots of guilty pleasures that involve food. But my biggest one probably involves my car. I have an old Mustang, a 1990. I put in a new engine. My boyfriend hates the amount of money I spend on it. I put over $10,000 into it, to make my drag racer street legal. He doesn’t know about any of that.

Photo of Jessica Alma

Jessica Alma

From Downtown (Student)

I’m guessing it’s something other women can relate to — expensive clothes. And sometimes it’s clothes that really shouldn’t be that expensive, like small T-shirts. It seems like those should be cheaper. Also, buying matching leashes and collars for my dog Chikis. He’s a yorkie mix and I spoil him. The name Chikis actually means spoiled in Spanish.


magicsfive May 21, 2009 @ 9:56 a.m.

oh god i love double stuff oreos.....and yep, rock of love....definitely. aside from those things, my other guilty pleasures would get this comment deleted, so i won't say any more. i also loved the bad girls club too...olivia - i don't believe for one second that you have no other guilty pleasures, i mean look at that face...innocent and up to something ;)


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